Schlage Door Latch Won’t Retract – Fixed

Schlage is a reputed brand that offers a wide range of locks, including deadbolts, levers, electronic locks, handle sets and smart locks. All Schlage locks are well-constructed, adding to strength and security.

But sometimes, due to some misalignment of the latch and striker plate, a Schlage lock may not lock and latch properly. To get your lock working, there are some steps that can be taken to resolve this.

If your door latch is not retracting and you don’t know how to solve this problem, then you are on the right page. In this article, we will show you how to fix this problem.

Schlage Door Latch Won’t Retract – Ways to Fix This Issue

Make the Doorknob Hole Larger

To fix the misalignment of the lock, try making the hole bigger. To do this, you need a hammer and a chisel. Position the chisel tip into the strike plate hole and strike the chisel with the hammer.

This can help to make the hole bigger and fix the strike plate in the right place. Once you are done, make sure to screw the latch tightly. 

Your Schlage lock should now lock and retract correctly.

Check the Alignment of Your Lock 

Ensure that your lock’s chassis’ spindle is correctly aligned with the door latch. If not, then your door latch will not lock and retract properly. Amongst the most common reasons for the latch getting stuck and not completely retracting is due to misalignment of the spindle.

You need to turn the thumb turn multiple times until the spindle gets back in its place to fix this problem. If this does not solve the issue, try uninstalling the latch. Then properly fix the spindle. When reinstalling the latch, make sure to align the spindle and the latch properly. 

If you are unsure how to install the latch back again, look at the instructions guide of Schlage lock for guidance.

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The Ol’ Hammer Approach!

One of the best ways to fix your Schlage door latch when it does not retract is to strike it using a hammer. 

When using a hammer, make sure the door is open. Then strike it with the hammer several times in quick succession. Make sure not to hit the latch with a lot of force as it may cause other issues. 

After hitting the latch, try turning the thumb and check if it retracts.

This method may help you retract your door latch, but it is a temporary solution. If the lock’s internal parts are damaged, there are chances that your latch may end up not working later. We will look further in detail at how you can fix the internal parts of the lock.

Check the Internal Parts of the Lock

If the internal parts of the lock are damaged or broken, then the chances are your Schlage latch lock will not lock and will get stuck. 

So if your door latch is not retracting after you try making the hole bigger or striking it with a hammer, check the internal parts and replace any broken or damaged parts. 

Sometimes the internal parts of the lock can get jammed. In this case, remove the doorknob, unscrew the latch from both sides, and take it out. Apply lubricant on the lock, especially the latch. Make sure to apply lubricant to all sides properly. It is better to use lubricants in a dry powder form as liquid ones will draw more dirt.

If the lock’s internal part is broken, you should replace them. You can contact Schlage customer care and ask them for a replacement. A new part for the lock will be sent to you along with instructions for guidance.

Replace Your Doorknob

Usually, using a hammer or replacing the internal parts of your lock will solve the problem. But if this does not work out, you need to replace your doorknob. 

You can try calling a locksmith and see if the issue with your latch can be fixed before replacing your doorknob.

Final Thoughts

With the above instructions and methods, you will be able to fix your Schlage door latch and won’t need to call a locksmith for this. As there may be different issues with your door latch, you may want to try multiple methods described above and see what works for your lock. 

Remember that using a hammer to retract the doorknob is a temporary solution, and the problem can arise again. Therefore, you will want to check the internal parts of the lock to see if it is jammed or broken and get your lock properly fixed.

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