Schlage Lock Not Working: Flashes Green But Won’t Open?

The Schlage brand produces some of the most popular locks people use to keep their house safe and secure. Schlage locks come with a lot of security features. But occasionally, certain issues may cause these locks to stop working. 

One issue that props up quite often is that the Schlage lock will flash green, but will not open. If you are facing the same problem, this article will guide you through fixing it.

How Does a Schlage Lock Work?

A Schlage lock works similarly to other smart devices. You need to install the lock in the door, activate the product, and adjust its settings.

Lock Settings

You need to first activate the product by changing its password from the default setting and activating the lock code. You will find the default password at the back of the label in the lock. When you enter the code and turn the lever, the door will open. When you close the door, it will lock automatically.

How to Unlock the Door

You need to enter the code you have set to unlock the door. If the light appears green and makes a beep sound, it means the door will open. But if you have entered the wrong code, a red light will appear, and the door will not open. You may hear a beep sound five times.

And if you try entering the passcode more than four times, the lock will not work. So it is better to check the code and make sure it is correct before entering it.

Why Does a Schlage Lock Flash Green Sometimes, But May Not Open?

One of the most common issues that may occur with a Schlage lock is that you have entered the correct passcode and it shows green light, but the lock does not open up. 

When you replace the battery of the lock, it is restored to the factory setting with the default passcode. Then, when you enter the passcode you have set, it may not match the default passcode. The light flashes green, but the door won’t open up because the lock thinks you are entering the wrong passcode.

How Can You Fix This Issue?

Make Sure You Have Installed the Lock Correctly

The first thing you need to do is check if you have installed the lock correctly. If the lock is installed incorrectly, the door will not open even if you enter the correct code.

To know if you have installed the lock correctly, you can open the door and turn the lever from inside. If the latch retracts, you have installed the lock correctly. You need to contact customer care or call a locksmith if it does not.

Try Replacing the Batteries

Check your lock battery status and make sure it has charge. If the lock batteries run out, the lock may not work. You will see the lock has a low battery indicator, and you will get notified when the batteries are low. 

new set of batteries

If the batteries are low, replace them correctly. Make sure not to mix the new batteries with the old ones. Replace all of the batteries for better performance.

Factory Settings

When the lock light flashes green and still does not open, you need to factory reset it. When you have checked that the lock is installed correctly, you need to make some changes in the settings.

How To Reset the Keypad Lock

  • Try removing the battery cover and disconnecting them.
  • On the lock keypad, press the Schlage button and hold it for some time.
  • Now try connecting the battery again, holding the Schlage button.
  • When you have reconnected the battery, release the button.

You will find that the green light will flash three times. If it does, it means that the lock is installed successfully. Hopefully, following this method, your problem should be fixed.

However, there are different types of Schlage models available nowadays. It is possible that following the above method to reset factory settings may not work. You can refer to the instructions manual of your lock for guidance.

Final Thoughts

Schlage locks are a useful smart device that helps keep your door secure. However, it may have some small issues from time to time, and you will have to find ways to fix them.

Hopefully, the information and methods discussed above will help you fix your lock if it does not open even when flashing green.

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