Schlage Turn-Lock Not Working – Fixed

Schlage locks are a great security investment for your home. These locks offer various features that help keep your space safe and secure.

One such feature is the turn-lock feature. It is also called lock and leave. When you enable this feature, the door gets locked when you turn the deadbolt without entering the code. This means you need to hold the Schlage button and rotate the lever to lock.

Sometimes, the turn-lock feature does not work. In this article, we look in detail at how you can fix this issue.

Schlage Turn-Lock Feature Not Working

The turn-lock feature lets you lock the door without the need for a passcode. You can do this by pressing the button marked Schlage and rotating the deadbolt outside. 

But if you have not activated this feature from settings, you have to enter the code every time to lock the door. If the turn-lock feature is not working, it may be because:

  • The feature is not activated.
  • The lock is broken.
  • The lock is damaged due to corrosion.
  • Low battery.

Let us look at how you can fix it.

The Turn-Lock Feature Not Enabled

Sometimes the turn-lock feature is disabled. Usually, when installing any Schlage lock, this feature is enabled in factory default settings. But it is also possible that the turn-lock feature is not turned on in the settings due to a manufacturing error. 

If this is the issue, you can turn the feature on in the settings. To enable the turn-lock feature, follow these steps:

  • Enter the lock code and wait for an orange light to appear. You will hear a beep sound.
  • Hit the Schlage button and press number 7 to complete.

When you see a green light flashing along with a beep sound, it means the process is successful.

You can try locking the door without entering the code and see if the turn-lock feature works. Make sure you lock the deadbolt correctly.

Update the Lock

Some Schlage locks can be connected to a smartphone through an app. If you cannot enable the turn-lock feature, try updating the app. Make sure there are no errors or bugs in the application. Now you will be able to use the turn-lock feature without having any problems.

Reset Your Lock

If the turn-lock feature is still not working, try resetting the lock. However, it may not be easy to factory reset the lock if you do it the first time or don’t know how to do it.

To reset the lock, follow these steps below:

  • You will need to take off the battery and disconnect it.
  • Now, press the Schlage button once. Make sure to hit the button only after removing the battery from the cover.
  • Now try reconnecting the battery again. Hold down the Schlage button for some time until a green light flashes along with a beep sound.

This way, you can reset the lock to the default setting and change the features you want. After resetting the lock successfully, you can check if the turn-lock feature is working.

Note: When you reset your lock, it removes all of your previous codes and features that you may have enabled. You will have to change the passcode and enable these other features again.

What if the Lock is Broken?

Sometimes, the turn-lock feature will not work if the lock is broken. In this case, you can look at the warranty information for the lock and see if you have a replacement option. Usually, Schlage lock has a warranty of 3 years. If your lock is no longer under warranty, you may need to purchase a new lock.

Does the Schlage Turn-Lock Feature Work When the Battery is Low?

No, it may not work. If the turn-lock feature is not working, check your battery status. Usually, the Schlage lock has a battery lifespan of at least three years. When the battery is low, you will receive a warning sign to replace the battery.

When you enter the code, you will hear a beep sound with a red light flashing for some time. This indicates that the battery is low and needs replacement. If the red light is blinking continuously, it means the battery requires immediate replacement.

Final Thoughts

Enabling the turn-lock feature helps you quickly lock the door without entering the user code outside while leaving. But sometimes, this feature stops working due to certain issues. In this article, we detailed methods to resolving this, which may involve manually enabling the setting or resetting the lock to its default settings.

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