Southern Motion Vs. Flexsteel – The Better Choice

Southern Motion Vs. Flexsteel – The Better Choice? Well, this question has been around in our comments sections for a long time; let us answer it once and for all.

If you are looking at sofas and recliners for your home or office, I am sure you have already had this argument with your friends: “Southern Motion Vs Flexsteel – The Better Choice?” We will try to settle this debate once and for all in this article.

You will get to know:

  • Southern Motion & Flexsteel: What they are good and bad at.
  • Head to head Southern Motion vs Flexsteel features & benefits.
  • Stand out features for both.
  • When should you buy Southern Motion, and when should you go with Flexsteel?

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Southern Motion 

Southern Motion furnishing company was founded in 1996 in Pontotoc, Mississippi. The company was previously known mainly for its reclining furniture and later expanded its expertise to other furnishings like sofas. For over 20 years now, the company delivers high-quality furnishings at reasonable prices for all.

The most popular products by Southern Motion are their range of recliners. Southern Motion makes recliners for all groups and types that suit well among customers. Their range includes wall Hugging Recliners, Lift Recliners for seniors, the couple’s Excel chair and ½, Recliners with USB ports, Gliders, and Zero Gravity recliners.

The Next Level Recliner collection series by Southern Motion is one of the most premium and comfortable recliner collection ranges. The extended ottoman in Next Level Recliners provides 3 inches of extra recline. 

With Ideal weight distribution, the recliners help reduce pressure on your neck and back and improve overall circulation. Each recliner by Southern Motion provides excellent lumbar support and quality that remains.


  • A wide range of recliners customers can choose from according to their needs.
  • Great lumbar support in all furnishings.
  • Power headrest systems in USB port recliners from the Elevate Collection.
  • Most products don’t need additional assembly.


  • All recliners do not have a power headrest.
  • The seat cushions and cushion covers are not removable in recliner sofas.

More about Southern Motion’s Next Level recliners:

Southern Motion presents Next Level Recliner Sectional Sofas


Flexsteel has been in the furnishing business since the 1890s. It has grown to become a popular name in this segment. Some products by Flexsteel are manufactured in the USA, while others are produced in Mexico and China.

Flexsteel is widely known for its range of sleeper sofa sectionals, accent chairs, and ottomans. Flexsteel’s range of products further widens into other popular categories like dining and bedroom furniture. You can customize the recliners, sectional, and sofa of Flexsteel with thousands of power, leather, and fabric options.

Flexsteel has a Blue Steel Technology that stands apart from the traditional hand-tied springs. The Blue Steel Technology uses steel bands that do not require customers to replace, retying and ensure the furniture remains strong and durable as new for a long time.

The Power Motion Furniture by Flexsteel is best known for its power reclining feature that is an innovation in itself. Flexsteel has a highly durable mechanism of recline on its products, unlike other cheaper competitors. Flexsteel provides the best quality of furnishing out there with a competitive pricing range. This has allowed them to survive in this business for over 100 years now.


  • Built-in Stain Resistant Technology ensures longer durability with higher-performing furniture.
  • They have customizable Fabric and Leather options for furniture.
  • Recliners by Flexsteel are made with Power Motion feature that enables smooth functioning.
  • Flesteel’s Blue Steel Technology is known for making furniture durable. The customer does not have to replace springs every few years.


  • The reclining range by Flexsteel does not have a replaceable cushion option.
  • Blue steel springs by Flexsteel are more expensive than normal sinuous wire springs.

Learn more about Blue Steel here:

Flexsteel Blue Steel Spring Video

Southern Motion Vs. Flexsteel: Features and Benefits

Product Range

Southern Motion is known best for its wide range of reclining series and furniture. Their reclining range is suitable for all customer segments. For example, they have life recliners for seniors and USB port recliners for Millenials. However, apart from the recliner and sofa range, Southern Motion does not have a wide range of furnishing for home décor.

Southern Motion Vs. Flexsteel - The Better Choice

Flexsteel has been in the furnishing business for a long time and is popularly known for its wide set of products and furnishings ranging from recliners, sofas, dining sets, and more. Moreover, you can customize all Flexsteel products with preferred fabric or leather.

Winner: The clear winner in context with a range of products is Flexstel, providing more furnishings across categories.


Southern Motion offers recliners and sofas at a competitive price than the market rate. This helps customers work within their budget and purchase their desired furniture. The average price for a basic wall hugger recliner with a power headrest is $915.75.

Flexsteel offers products well within the customer’s budget, but their premium quality Blue Steel Technology furnishings are generally more expensive than other products. Customers wanting the best product of Flexsteel will find the Blue spring furnishings to be beyond their budget. The average starting price for a Blue Steel Technology furnished recliner is $1300. 

Winner: Concerning pricing, Southern Motion offers competitive pricing that fits well for all customers.


Furniture by Southern Motion has many features and accessories to personalize from. Some common features in Southern Motion furnishings and recliners are Power Headrest, Power Reclining with USB ports, Glider, wireless charging console, cup holders, a drop-down table, and more. This offers customers a wide range of options with extended features to choose from. Their famous Zero Gravity recliners offer maximum beck, neck, and leg support with equal weight distribution.

Southern Motion Vs. Flexsteel - The Better Choice

Flexsteel furnishings do not have many additional features other than the common features seen in recliners and sofas. Although they have a wide range of products for customers to choose from, they have limited features and accessories to customize from. The best-known feature that is widely popular by Flexsteel is Blue Steel Technology that does not require replacement or retying.

Winner: Southern Motion is a clear winner in the Feature segment as it offers multiple features for a wide range of recliner sofa series.

Build quality

Southern Motion furnishings and recliners are known to be durable with high-quality leather or fabric. Most furnishings by Southern Motion have a sturdy oak wood frame with stain-resistant fabrics. Reviews on furnishing websites claim the durable performance of various products with consumers using products over 20 years.

Flexsteel offers furniture products with a limited lifetime warranty on Frames, springs, cushions, and motion mechanisms. All products are carved with fabric ranges like Kashmira and offer durable support. However, certain reviews from furnishing store websites claim that products are not fine crafted and remain under mass-production standards.

Winner: According to reviews and overall judgment, Southern Motion becomes a winner in the build quality category. However, a customer can take an in-depth analysis by looking at more reviews from various sites like Flexsteel Furniture Reviews and My Furniture Forum.

Stand-Out Features: Southern Motion

Southern Motion furnishings and recliners have many features that you can customize, but the most popular is the Power Headrest products from the Zero Gravity and SoCozi series. The power headrest lets you customize your headrest apart from the recliner itself so that your neck and shoulders receive the most optimal comfort.

Southern Motion Vs. Flexsteel - The Better Choice

The Zero Gravity mechanism series offers weight distribution that gives you the same feeling as floating in space (hence the name). It provides extra support to the consumer’s neck, back, and legs. The products of the Zero Gravity range have fabric customization from over 100 fabrics and 40 leather colors.

The SoCozi series have many extended features like Deep Tissue Air Massage, Deep Tissue Heat Therapy, and Adjustable Lumbar Support. Deep Tissue Air Massage helps in reducing pressure points and reduces overall stress and pain, providing maximum support.

Stand-Out Features: Flexsteel

Flexsteel recliners and sofas also have features seen in Southern Motion like power headrests, Zero Gravity Recliners, etc. The Power Motion Feature gives a smooth and quiet experience while using the recliners. Apart from these, Flexsteel is particularly known for its Blue Steel Technology that uses steel bands that do not require replacement or retying, as seen in traditional hand-tied springs.


Use Southern Motion if:

  • You require the best quality of Oakwood recliners in the market.
  • You want recliners and sofas that are well within your budget.
  • You want a range of recliners that offer multiple features and accessories.
  • You want recliners and sofas that offer custom fabric or leather options.
  • You want a range of recliners like Zero Gravity, SoCozi that offer heating and massage options for de-stressing.

Southern Motion Vs. Flexsteel - The Better Choice

Use Flexsteel if:

  • You want to reduce the extra effort of tying and replacing springs.
  • You want products that offer a lifetime limited warranty.
  • You want to explore more products like dining sets, bookshelves, coffee tables, and more.
  • You want recliners that provide a power reclining feature.
  • You won’t stain-resistant and environment-friendly PFC-free materials with a warranty.

Wrap Up

Customers wanting to purchase furnishings can take a decisive call after reviewing the furnishings of both companies. Buying quality furniture can be difficult with a wide range of products and companies out in the market.

Southern Motion Vs. Flexsteel - The Better Choice

In this article, we made a comparative study of Southern Motion Vs. Flexsteel – The Better Choice? It is time that you took an informed decision for your home décor after analyzing each aspect discussed.