Southern Motion Vs. La-Z-Boy – Which One Is Better

We discuss and compare “Southern Motion Vs. La-Z-Boy – Which One Is Better?” in this article.

Southern Motion Vs. La-Z-Boy – Which One Is Better? This question pops up all over the internet on forums and comments sections from prospective buyers.

Everyone prefers quality furniture that stays durable. Apart from that, people look at budget, space, and features as important parameters to select their furniture. We will study and compare Southern Motion Vs. La-Z-Boy to find out which one is better on all these things.

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Southern Motion 

Southern Motion has been in the furnishing business for over 20 years and is widely known to deliver quality furnishings at reasonable prices. It was founded in 1996 in Pontotoc, Mississippi, and started out selling reclining furniture. Later the company expanded its expertise to other furnishings like sofas, sectionals, and more.  

Recliners are among their top-selling products. The company is known to produce a wide range of recliners that suit all ages and budget ranges. The most popular among consumers include Wall Hugging Recliners, Lift Recliners for seniors, the Couple’s Excel chair and ½, Recliners with USB ports, Gliders, and Zero Gravity recliners. 

Southern Motion Vs. La-Z-Boy - Which One Is Better

The Next-level Recliner Collection has an extended ottoman series that provides 3 inches of extra recline, making it very popular among customers. Southern Motion Recliners provide maximum comfort by reducing pressure on the neck, back and legs with an ideal weight distribution while lounging. 


  • A wide range of recliners customers can choose from according to their needs.
  • Great lumbar support with ideal weight distribution in all furnishings.
  • Special lines such as Elevate Collection includes USB ports along with a Power Headrest feature.
  • Most products don’t need additional assembly. 


  • Some recliners do not have a power headrest.
  • The seat cushions and cushion covers are not removable in their recliner sofas, making it a bit difficult to clean them.


La-Z-Boy has been in the furnishing business since 1927. It has become a popular name in the USA and other parts of the world. The Monroe, Michigan-based company manufactures its products in the USA. It distributes them under license to various countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Mexico, etc. 

La-Z-Boy is widely known for its home furnishings, including upholstery recliners, sofas, stationary and lift chairs, bedroom furnishings, and more. La-Z-Boy also has other furnishings of Home Accents like Ottoman, Pet Beds, Benches, Laps, and Tables. You can customize the recliners, sectional, sofa, and other furnishings of La-Z-Boy with thousands of power, leather, and fabric options.

Southern Motion Vs. La-Z-Boy - Which One Is Better

La-Z-Boy has a multi-chambered back in their recliners for extended support for your back. It gives your body equal weight distribution across the spine, which reduces stress across the board. The 3-position locking leg rest increases safety and improves support while lounging. 

The Power Lift Recliner range from La-Z-Boy is known for reclining sofas with just a click of a button by connecting to a power outlet. The recliner series also comes with three semi-attached cushions that you can adjust for support. Each order is custom-made and not sold from existing stock.

To know more about the multi-chambered back and the La-Z-Boy furnishing range, you can refer to this video that explains more features and their benefits. 

These 7 Exclusive Features are Why You Should Only Buy a La-Z-Boy Recliner


  • Customizable Fabric and Leather options for furniture.
  • The Multi-Chambered back reduces stress on the spine, neck, and legs. 
  • Power Lift Recliner reclines with a click of a button.
  • Orders are custom made with the option of other available upgrades.


  • La-Z-Boy’s are big. Even mid-range recliners occupy more space than normal.
  • Outdoor furnishings by La-Z-Boy do not have the option to customize.

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Southern Motion Vs. La-Z-Boy: Features and Benefits

Product Range

Southern Motion has a wide range of Recliners and Sofas to choose from. Their Reclining range includes features of Power modes that are comfortable for one and all. Apart from their recliner and sofa range, more furnishing options for home décor are not available by Southern Motion. 

Southern Motion Vs. La-Z-Boy - Which One Is Better

La-Z-Boy is known for its wide set of products ranging from recliners, sofas, dining sets, outdoor furniture, and more. La-Z-Boy makes furniture on a custom order with additional optional upgrades. 

Winner: La-Z-Boy stands out as a winner in the Product Range category.


Southern Motion has recliners and sofas at competitive prices that fit all budgets and furnishings requirements. The starting price for a basic recliner from the wall hugger recliner range is $915.75 that goes up to $1500+. Customers have an option to select from various price ranges to select their preferred furniture.

La-Z-Boy sofas and furnishings can range from $800 to more than $5700+ depending on customization and upgrades. The sectionals can range from $3000 to $8000+ on furnishings and more. La-Z-Boy has product ranges that vary from various price scales, and the average recliner by La-Z-Boy is $569.

Winner: La-Z-Boy is a clear winner in the price category because it has a broader range of products suited to all budget classes.


The Recliners and Sofas offered by Southern Motion offer Power Headrest, Power Reclining with USB ports, a wireless charging console, a drop-down table, and more. Specialized product ranges such as Elevate have even more features.

La-Z-Boy furnishing like recliners also includes the Zero Gravity feature that supports the back and neck. Power Recliners by La-Z-Boy change position and offer power tilt with just a click of a button. Some of the premium Lift recliners also include heating and massage functions. La-Z-Boy also offers an all-weather Sunbrella fabric for its outdoor and indoor furnishings.

Winner: This one is tough, but I will go with Southern Motion because it offers more features and adaptations than La-Z-Boy furnishings. 

Southern Motion Vs. La-Z-Boy - Which One Is Better

Build quality

Southern Motion furnishings and recliners use durable, high-quality leather and fabrics. Wooden furnishings by Southern Motion use a sturdy oak wood frame with stain-resistant fabrics. You can also customize Southern Motion. 

La-Z-Boy furnishings like chairs and recliners are custom orders with engineered wood frames, steel supports, and stain-resistant fabrics. The dining and bedroom furnishings use solid wood construction. Customers can choose between 3 types of cushions: Standard cushions, Airform seat cushions, and ComfortCore Gel seat cushions.

Winner: La-Z-Boy has more options for quality customization and offers three types of cushions for customers to select from. 

Stand-Out Features: Southern Motion

The most popular feature by Southern Motion furnishings is the Power Headrest, products from the Zero Gravity and the SoCozi recliner series. The power headrest feature lets customers choose the degree of recline to the head independent from the back, which is a rare feature in recliners. Watch Power Headrest in action below:

Southern Motion Power Headrest and Memory Plus

Customers can select their preferred quality and color with fabric customization from over 100 fabrics and 40 leather colors. 

The SoCozi series have many added features for recliners like the Deep Tissue Air Massage that helps reduce pressure points and reduce overall stress and pain. The series also offers more features like Heat Therapy and Adjustable Lumbar Support. 

For more information on the SoCozi Series and its features, you can refer to their official website.

Stand-Out Features: La-Z-Boy

La-Z-Boy is true to its name: Lazy boy. The one flick power recline feature in La-Z-Boy has been their trademark and most defining feature. You can change position and tilt with just a click of a button. The all-weather Sunbrella fabric is ideal for all-weather conditions and stays durable for a long time.

Southern Motion Vs. La-Z-Boy - Which One Is Better

La-Z-Boy also offers three different ranges of cushions for people to choose from: 

  • The Standard cushion offers double-picked blown fiber. Blown fiber is a way to fill fiber in your cushion, which leaves many air pockets, making it very soft. 
  • The Airform™ seat cushions offer additional 2 inches of high-performance foam over the Airform™ base. 
  • The ComfortCore® Gel seat cushions offer a seven-layer comfort for your bottom. It includes Airform over the gel-infused foam and a foam core providing extra comfort and seating enhancement. 


Use Southern Motion if:

  • You require sturdy Oakwood frame recliners and sofas in the market.
  • You want a range of recliners that offer multiple features and accessories.
  • You want recliners and sofas that offer custom fabric or leather options.

Use La-Z-Boy if:

  • You want products that offer a limited lifetime warranty.
  • You want to explore more products like dining sets, bedroom furnishings, coffee tables, ottomans, and more.
  • You want lazy recliners that provide a power lift and tilt feature for easy usage and positioning.
  • You want the furniture to be custom-made according to your needs.
  • You want super comfortable cushions.
  • You want all-weather fabric.

Wrap Up

With so many options available in the home décor and furnishings, it is very confusing to select the right furniture for your home. This article aims to solve the popular question Southern Motion Vs. La-Z-Boy – Which One Is Better? 

To summarize: if you are looking for recliners and sofas that are elegant and you can customize for your family’s living room, go for Southern Motion.

If you are looking for a super lazy recliner for your bachelor pad to watch TV and chill out, look no further than La-Z-Boy.