25 Types Of Sofas And Couches For Every Living Room

In this article, we will look at 25 types of sofas and couches. We will also walk through their pros, cons, and in which kind of living room you should or should not use them. 

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Sofas and couches are the most central piece of furniture in a living room. Apart from serving their primary purpose of seating, they also speak tonnes about the person’s personality. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches For Every Living Room

A home, after all, reflects so much about its residents. This article will focus on this imperative seating component and walk you through various types of sofas and couches. You can call it an encyclopedia of sofas! Let us begin. 

25 Types Of Sofas And Couches

#1. Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofa is a very common seating option spotted in living rooms and dens.  They have multiple movable and configurable seating parts.

What are the positives of a sectional sofa?

Are you considering investing in a sectional sofa? Here is why you should do the same. 

Spacious and wide

The seating is spacious and wide enough to accommodate a huge range of activities such as reading, lounging, sleeping, and watching Netflix. 

Accommodation Capacity

Do you host parties and people very frequently? You might certainly be looking for a seating option that can accommodate multiple people. Sectional sofas can do the same; they can seat as many as eight people at a time. 

Sectional Sofa

What are the downsides of sectional sofas?

Sectional sofas are appealing and spacious; However, like every other thing out there, they come with a set of disadvantages too. Let us walk through them. 

Little no scope for rearrangement

You can do little for the rearrangement bit of sectional sofas if you ever wish to do so.

Need space

Space is a big consideration for sectional sofas. Sectionals need a large space to sit. Therefore, they might not be a good option for cramped spaces since they will add to the visual clutter of the space. 

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Do not use a sectional sofa if

Your living area is small. 

If you are looking into accommodating the sectional in a small space, you must consider the dimensions and the visual clutter likely to arise. 

#2. Lawson-style Sofa

The story behind the birth of Lawson-style sofas is associated with American businessman Thomas W. Lawson. These are 3-seater sofas with detachable pillows. They are typically simplistic in design.

What are the advantages of a Lawson-style sofa?

Lawson sofa is often termed as the chameleon of all sofas. Let us see what this chameleon can do. 

The comfortable, clean and simple silhouette

If you are looking for a luxurious piece of equally comfortable furniture, the Lawson-style sofa is a good option.  

Easily attain a desirable height. 

A Lawson sofa’s arms can be both rolled or squared. You can choose the desired height for accommodating your arms. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches For Every Living Room
Lawson Style Sofa

What are the downsides of Lawson-style sofas?

It might not be a statement piece.

The Lawson sofa may be too bland for some spaces, and if you consider making the furniture the focal point and highlight, you must keep this point in mind.

Watch out for Product Quality

It is possible to find Lawson sofas in both expensive and inexpensive variants. Please examine the quality of the material, cushions, and upholstery before purchasing. 

#3. Recliner

A recliner is a seating arrangement generally for one person with a footrest and a reclining backrest.

What are the advantages of a Recliner?

Recliners are an omnipresent furniture classic that everyone loves. 

Helps relieve stress

Reclining rests your spine, the spine is rested, the back is rested, and you can feel relieved. 

Ease of movement

With recliners, there is high ease of standing and sitting. This feature of navigating movement at the touch of a button might be useful for people who face difficulties. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches - Recliner
A Recliner

What are the disadvantages of a Recliner?

Yes, like almost every other thing out there, recliners, too, have disadvantages. 


Recliners take up more space than conventional sofa settings and may not be a good idea if you live in a small space or a rental. 


Recliners tend to be bulky, and this can be a problem while cleaning. Also, moving every furniture item while cleaning is not always convenient, and if you are a clean freak, this might trigger your OCD. Also, if you are a frequent mover, you should be on the lookout for easy-to-move furniture and not hard-to-move furniture. 

Power Recliners

Power Recliners are a blessing in the world of recliners. They have considerably eased movement and brought it to a smooth click of a button. Technology, I tell you it won’t stop amazing us. 

Do not use a Recliner if 

You are low on space.

If you are already running out of space, be thoughtful of placing your recliner since it might add to the visual clutter and make your small space look even more cramped. To deal with the same, you can measure the exact dimensions of the product and create a dummy of the same with masking tape to have a fair idea of the space the recliner will occupy in your house. 

#4. Contemporary mid-century modern sofa

The mid-century modern style has managed to stay relevant to this day. A mid century sofa usually has clean, elegant lines with thin, sometimes slanting or straight legs and minimalistic upholstery.

What are the advantages of a contemporary mid-century modern sofa?


Tufted back, clean-lined, and rectilinear profile make it appealing and appropriate for minimalistic and contemporary interiors. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches For Every Living Room
Contemporary Mid Century

What are the downsides of the contemporary mid-century modern sofa?

Too Low for Some

While some may particularly like this feature, the mid-century sofa, in general, comes in a low height which might be too low for some people’s liking. 

Do not use a contemporary mid-century modern sofa if 

Its aesthetics, which are generally very simplistic, may sometimes look too sterile and bland. 

#5. English Rolled Arm

The English rolled arm is called so because of the side profile of the sofa, with its shorter, rolled arms slanting upwards. They typically have low backrests.

What are the advantages of an English Rolled Arm?

Timeless Classic 

The English rolled arm is a focal point in the room; you can pair it with contemporary options. 


It comes with loose cushions on the bottom; you can sit on it and never get up. It is so comfortable for napping or watching Netflix. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches For Every Living Room
English Roll Arm Sofa

What are the downsides of an English Rolled Arm?

Uncomfortable for long hours of seating 

Some English-rolled arms have the backrest so low that there is virtually no support to your back, making it uncomfortable for long hours of sitting. 

Do not use an English Rolled Arm if 

A comfortable armrest is of utmost importance to you since an English Rolled Arm sofa generally has a low arm. 

#6. Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge is a sofa with a backrest at only one end. The market is full of chaise lounges with so many adaptations and styles of the original variant. 

What are the advantages of a Chaise Lounge?

Offers both seating and lounging space

Apart from the fact that you can relax on a chaise lounge, it also serves as seating when hosting guests at your place. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches - Chaise
Chaise Lounge

What are the downsides of a Chaise Lounge?


Space can be a big issue with Chaise lounge sofas. A chaise lounge will be a good idea if you have ample space to accommodate one and still have umpteen circulation space for yourself and your family. However, if you are low on space, be thoughtful of the dimensions. 

Difficult to move

Moving chaise lounge sofas can get tricky sometimes, and if you stay at a place with very fine dust, you are likely to opt for something that makes your cleaning part easy and does not complicate it further. 

Do not use a Chaise Lounge if 

You live in a rental and are frequently swapping places, transporting and storing heavy and large furniture is the last thing you wish to buy to overcomplicate the moving process for yourself. 

#7. Tuxedo

A tuxedo sofa is one with slightly curved arms that are the same height at the back. 

What are the advantages of a Tuxedo sofa?


Tuxedo sofas have a distinct, classy appeal, making them a focal point in the room.  

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches For Every Living Room

What are the downsides of a Tuxedo sofa?

The arms are thin and hard.

The arms of the Tuxedo sofa are rather uncomfortable due to their shape and stiffness and may not be a suitable seating option if you intend to sit for a long time. 

Watch out for

Tuxedo sofas can sometimes be too high. Beware, investing in one may land you in trouble for hunting a suitable side table to compliment the same. This height may also get uncomfortable and undesirable for some. 

#8. Loveseat

A loveseat is a small two-seater sofa meant for a couple. Loveseats are wider forms of a chair and minimized forms of a two-seater sofa. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches For Every Living Room

Why invest in a Loveseat?

Space friendly

Loveseat is a convenient and space-friendly option as a replacement for a full-sized sofa for smaller spaces.

Ease of Movement

Multiple permutations and combinations are possible because of their size and ease of movement. Rearrange as often as you like. 

What are the downsides of a Loveseat?

A loveseat does not allow you to have a table in between to set down drinks. 

While shopping for a Loveseat, watch out for 

Although it is meant for two, you will never see two adults sharing a loveseat. However, if you host people too often, you should consider this. 

#9. Divan 

A backless sofa, pictured it in your head? Yeah, that is a divan. Because you do not have a back on the sofa may require you to place it against a bare wall to get sufficient support to the back. You can add cushions or even upholster the wall at the back if you like to.

What are the advantages of a Divan?

The feel-good factor

If you like the idea of a backless sofa, you are certainly going to love placing a divan in your home. 


Not all divans have it, but some of them come with storage space. However, the same might not come in handy when placed in a living space since it is meant to cater to hosting guests and the likes, and storage like so might get rendered as inconvenient. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches For Every Living Room
An Antique Diwan

What are the downsides of a Divan?

You need to invest in a good mattress separately and sometimes get it custom-made; it might not come with the divan and will not stay intact if it is the wrong size. 

Do not use a Divan if 

You are looking for a minimalist and clean look since they tend to be ornamented and curvilinear. 

#10. Pallet Couches

A pallet, in case you are wondering, is one of those wooden flat structures that are used for transporting things. Pallet furniture is trendy, quirky, and popular. The back of a pallet couch is usually attached to the wall. However, you can also make one with its own back to have a certain reclining angle. 

What are the advantages of a Pallet Couch?

Quirky and funky

Pallet couches look utterly quirky and inviting, thanks to the cushioning at the back.

Space saver

Since the cushioning is attached to the wall, this turns out to be an utterly convenient option for spaces where you are looking to maximize use out of the given spaces. For example, interior designers love designing pallet couches for restaurants. 


You can make a pallet couch according to your needs and anthropometric requirements, which makes the idea of making a pallet couch exciting and fun.

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches For Every Living Room

What are the downsides of a Pallet Couch?

Bacterial growth

Pallet wood is highly vulnerable to bacterial and fungal growth. 

While shopping for a Pallet Couch, watch out for  

Ease of cleaning since the pallet surface is generally difficult to clean because of its roughness. 

#11. Chesterfield

Chesterfields are iconic and an epitome of luxury. 

Pros of Chesterfield sofas 

Statement piece 

Formal, elegant, and classy at the same time. Not only this, Chesterfield is very cozy too because of the upholstery that adorns it. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches For Every Living Room
Brown Leather Classic Style Chesterfield Sofa


Lack of support at the back

The lack of support at the back of Chesterfield sofas makes it inconvenient and uncomfortable to sit for long hours. 

Watch out for 

A chesterfield is a chesterfield if it is clothed up well. The upholstery that suits it well comprises stiff materials such as velvet, leather, or heavy linen. 

#12. Camelback 

As the name makes it quite obvious, a camelback sofa has a hump protruding from the back akin to a camel right in the middle of the sofa back. Let me also introduce you to an interesting thing about camelback sofas. There are multiple variants of camelback sofas in the sense that they have different numbers of humps. The number of humps can be one, two, three, or in very rare cases, more than three too. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches For Every Living Room - Camleback

Advantages of Camelback Sofas

Formal and elegant

Thanks to their shape and appeal, they are a match made in heaven for formal spaces. They look very sophisticated and welcoming. 

Downsides of Camelback Sofas

They are not very suitable and comfortable for everyday use and would be a good idea for formal spaces. On the other hand, if comfort and lounging are your callings, look for something soft and well-cushioned. 

Watch out for 

The rigid back of the sofa may not be very comfortable, and you must hence take physical trials before purchasing the product. 

#13. Sofa Lounger 

A sofa lounger is a sofa with a chaise lounge design to it. Amazing, huh? The sofa lounger is no new invention, and it has been around for quite some while. Let us see what it has to offer.

Pros of a Sofa Lounger


As the name suggests, it is appropriate for loungingLounging. It is comfortable resting your feet and your back, making it suitable for spending long hours watching television or taking a small nap on a busy workday. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches For Every Living Room
Sofa Lounger

Cons of a Sofa Lounger


A Sofa Lounger is quite expensive, and you should do good market research before purchasing one. 

Watch out for

Price and quality. Sofa loungers tend to be expensive; compare rates across various brands and do a market survey in depth before getting hands on one. 

#14. Cabriole Sofa

Cabriole sofas are characterized by an exposed wood frame, arms and back at the same height and a rounded look. 

Advantages of a Cabriole Sofa


The cabriole sofa features equal height arms and back. Furthermore, the arms curve inward, creating an interesting design. 

Disadvantages of a Cabriole Sofa


Well, the disadvantage with equal height arms and back can be of comfort. These equal heightened arms and back create problems because it is a comfortable rest for your arms or back. When the height of the sofa’s back and arms happen to be the same, it is hard to sit comfortably for long hours. 

Watch out for 

Comfortable arms in a cabriole are non-existent. If you are looking for wide and comfortable arms, then a cabriole sofa is not for you. 

#15. Settee Sofa 

Settees are an old-world thing, but lovers of the old-world charm are happy to have them to this date. A settee is essentially a wide chair with not so much cushioning in general. 

Advantages of Settee


Settee sofas have this antique finish which can easily make them fit for use as a focal point in the room. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches For Every Living Room

Why may settee sofas not be a good idea?


Settees may fail to accommodate even two people sometimes. They lack proper cushioning and hence do not give the comfort one would generally want out of a sofa.

However, if you love to host people and have meaningful conversations, the first and foremost requirement has to be comfortable seating. Aesthetics may take somewhat of a backseat, but you should not compromise comfort. 

Watch out for  


Cheap settees may have frames made from particle boards; always double-check with the seller for durable materials and upholstery, 

#16. Low-seated sofas

A low seated sofa is lower than the conventional 17 inches. 

Why should I invest in a low-seated sofa?

A great option for lounging

You can use low seated sofas at any space in your house where you love to relax, lounge, and raise a toast. It can be your home theater, library, open to sky terrace, bedroom, living area- almost everything where you feel you need one. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches
Low Seated Sofa

What are the downsides of low seated sofas? 


While some love the idea of being seated low, sleeping low- some may face issues with the same because of the individual’s height or personal preference. Visit the furniture store and take a trial if you feel such a problem is likely to arise with you too. 

Watch out for 

Where you are to place the sofa

If you place the sofa in your personal space, it might not be a very good option for formal and public places. 

#17. Track Arm Sofa 

As the name suggests, a track arm sofa has straight, rectilinear arms. 

Why invest in a track arm sofa?

Straight and rectilinear lines

If you are not a fan of curves and do not want to incorporate the same into your home, you should consider a track arm sofa. It has straight, vertical and horizontal lines and a very appealing design. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches
Track Arms Sofa With Nails

Flat Arms

The flat arms are utterly comfortable for resting your arms and, of course, your TV and AC remote.

Space friendly

Since they do not have the rather conventional big fat arms, they occupy less space. 

What are the downsides of a track arm sofa?

If you take naps on your sofa, this is not the sofa arm that you will find useful. 

Watch out for 

The quality of the arms. 

Poor quality track arm sofas can have stiff arms, which will cause discomfort. 

#18. Deep Seat Sofa

The popularity of deep-seat sofas has been on the rise for quite some time. 

Why a deep-seat sofa?

Perfect for lounging

A deep-seat sofa would be a perfect addition to your library or the bedroom of a family member who is an avid reader. In addition, a deep-seat sofa serves as a perfect lounging space since it is utterly comfy.

You can spend your evenings watching the downpour and savoring a bowl of delicious ramen or sipping coffee on a deep-seat sofa. It would also be a very cool napping station. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches
Deep Seated Sectional

What are the downsides of a deep-seat sofa?

One can get sunk into the sofa way too much, which might not be desirable for formal spaces. 

Do not opt for a deep-seat sofa. 

If too much comfort makes you sleepy during the day. Yes, deep-seat sofas are so damn comfortable. 

#19. Slipcovered Sofa

Slipcovered sofas or couches contain a removable, fitted cover that protects the upholstery beneath. 

Pros of a Slipcovered Sofa 

Cleaning and washing 

Slipcovers are easy to remove and wash, and clean. So for all, you clean freaks, your trouble of washing and maintaining the sofa upholstery just got easier. You can clean and wash so easily also means you can go for a white sofa.

Comfortable and welcoming

The sofa is very comfortable and cushioned, which makes loungingLounging on a slipcovered sofa feel so good. 

Cons of a Slipcovered Sofa


Not all slipcovers fit right. As a result of this, the surface looks all wrinkled up and unflattering. 

Make sure you watch out for 

If there are possibilities for the material to shrink or wear quickly, the sofa slip material will have to get new slipcovers in no time. 

#20. Modern Chippendale Sofa 

Chippendale furniture is an American design originating in the sixteenth century. It features dark-colored wood. Cabriole legs and ball-and-claw are a trademark of Chippndale sofas. 

Advantages of a Modern Chippendale Sofa  

Signature look

The modern Chippendale sofa is a very fine take on the original masterpiece. It looks equally elegant and inviting. 

Takes less space

The Chippendale sofa is bench style and has thin arms, because of which it turns out to be a space-friendly option. 

Disadvantages of a Modern Chippendale Sofa 

Thin arms

If you are not a fan of thin arms and prefer a good armrest, a Chippendale sofa may not be a good choice for you.


How To Spot A Genuine Thomas Chippendale

Do not opt for a Modern Chippendale Sofa if

You are looking for a comfortable sofa to sit on for long hours. 

#21. Rattan Sofa 

While woven furniture is generally spotted in Bohemian-themed spaces and outdoors, you can very much keep a rattan sofa inside your house in your living rooms. After all, there are no rules.

Why invest in a Rattan Sofa?

Inviting and trendy 

A Rattan sofa lends a casual, chilled-out vibe. Your furniture choices speak tonnes about your personality. A rattan sofa would be a good option if you would like a similar vibe to your space. 

The best part is you can dress it up and down to match the decor of the space. 


Rattan is a sustainable material. So you can be sure you are a responsible consumer. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches - Rattan
Rattan Sofa

Downsides of a Rattan Sofa


The material in itself does not provide comfort. Since it is hard, it gets uncomfortable for long sitting hours. 

Watch out for

The weave of the rattan 

The weave of a rattan sofa is bound to loosen over time. The type of sofa material you are buying determines the cost. One must be very thoughtful of the durability, sustainability of the material. 

#22. Cane Sofa 

A mesh of split canes characterizes cane furniture. 

Why invest in a cane sofa?


A cane sofa is sophisticated yet both traditional and modern. It looks very interesting. 


Since the cane sofa is rather lightweight, you can conveniently move it around. 

Cons of a cane sofa


Since cane sofas are handcrafted, they are quite expensive. 

Watch out for

The weave of the cane sofa is anyways likely to loosen over time. Therefore, it is important to check the weave since it may add to the discomfort while sitting. 

#23. Deconstructed Sofa 

The deconstructed sofa is stripped of its upholstery, and its lining and frame are exposed. Lovers of art surely know how to appreciate this beauty. 

What are the advantages of a deconstructed sofa?


Contrary to its looks, deconstructed sofas are usually very comfortable. 

New Deconstructed Sofa

Disadvantages of deconstructed sofa


Not everyone may like the appeal and understand the reason behind the looks of the sofa. 

Watch out for 

The product quality and compare prices across various sellers. 

#24. Wicker Sofa

Wicker furniture is woven furniture made from plant materials. It is generally meant for the outdoors. However, there are no rules. It is your space, so you decide what piece of furniture adorns which area of your abode. 

Pros of Wicker Sofa

Warm earthy tones 

Wicker furniture generally comes in earthy tones since it is made out of natural materials. It looks very attractive and inviting. It is available in colorful variants too. 

Build Quality

Since wicker furniture is generally designed for the outdoors, it is durable, sturdy, and waterproof. 


Since it is light and sturdy, you can conveniently reposition it outdoors. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches
Wicker Sofa

Cons of Wicker Sofa


Wicker sofas are not very comfortable for long hours of seating. So instead, you can use cushions or get cushioned seats customized to fit atop the sofa. 

When investing in a wicker sofa, watch out for 

Loose weaving on the product. 

Poor quality wicker sofas will not last you long because their weave will begin to fall from various points. The loose weave will also add to the discomfort. 

#25. Wingback sofas

Wingback sofas have a curved backrest and armrest, a low push seat, and tapered legs. You can spot wingback sofas in luxurious homes, restaurants, and so many such spaces. 

Advantages of wingback sofas


A wingback sofa looks very elegant, polished, and appealing. 


Wingback sofas are well cushioned and are very relaxing to sit and work for long hours. 

25 Types Of Sofas & Couches
Wingback Chair

Disadvantages of wingback sofas


Wingback sofas can be quite expensive. Sometimes, a single-seater wingback sofa will cost more than a conventional three-seater. 

Watch out for 

When you buy a wingback sofa for your bedroom, make sure you place a side table nearby where you place all you need because once you sit on your comfy throne, you won’t want to get up. 

Couches Come In Many Styles, What You Choose For Your Living Room Is Up To You!

Tell us in the comments how many new sofa-type names did you discover in this article. Should you have any questions or want us to do another article, let us know. We are happy to help. Thank you for reading and spreading the word by sharing the article with your friends.