7 Effective Ways to Reduce Back Pain

Did you ever experience back pain or any pain after a long day at work, even though you are only sitting down in the office chair? A lot of people are experiencing the same thing because of wrong practices. You should take note that sitting down for an extended period can take a toll on your health.

With that said, you should take time to do some research on how to reduce back pain. Luckily, there are ways to reduce back pain while in the office. That means that you will still have a productive workday while taking care of your spine health.

7 Best Ways for Back Pain Relief While in the Office

Here are some of the ways that you can reduce back pain and other muscle pains while you are working:

  1. Proper Sitting Posture

Your posture while sitting down can have a significant effect on why you are experiencing back pain. Some beliefs say that sitting down at a 90 degree-angle can help in relaxing your muscle. However, that is only a myth that a lot of working people still believe.

It is better to sit at a 135 degree-angle with the chair slightly reclined; providing support on your back. Remember that slouching or slumping is different from being slightly reclined. If you do this, your weight will be shifted on the backrest of the chair, which makes it more comfortable for you.

  1. Arrange Your Keyboard and Mouse

Some people are confused about this because they don’t see how these two types of office equipment can cause back pain. The reason for this is the incorrect way you are using both.

You should not position your mouse and keyboard higher than your hips. If you do that, your hand will always reach up to have access to them, and that means that there will be weight in your arms and it would be under pressure. Moreover, it can also affect your upper back because the said position put stress and tension on it if done for an extended period.

To solve this problem, you should arrange your keyboard and mouse in a position where they are on the same level as your thighs or hips. If you want to know if you did it right, you should put your hands in the resting position, then try if you can reach the mouse and keyboard comfortably.

It is recommended that your office table should have a keyboard tray, too.

  1. Upgrade to a Sit-Stand Converter Desk

There are a lot of ergonomic products on the market that you can use in your office. One of these is the sit-stand converter. It does not consume a lot of space, so it is recommended to use in the office.

With this product, you can easily shift from standing up and sitting down while working. If you are taking some calls, it is recommended that you stand up. While if you have to write or type, it is recommended that you do it while sitting down. As a result, you can allow your body to move, which means that you can stretch your back as well.

You can request from your company this product to prevent RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury.

  1. Align Your Monitor with Your Eyes

A lot of people do not even bother to adjust their computer monitor or screen because they don’t know that it can have health benefits. If you are working in front of a monitor the whole day, it is recommended to adjust it at a position that is not too high or too low. A wrongly positioned screen can give you back and neck pain.

To position your screen, you must first sit properly and adjust the screen until it is aligned with your eyes or just below. It means that your eyes should be slightly looking down while looking at the screen. You can use either a monitor arm or books in doing this.

  1. Use an Ergonomic Chair

If you are on the search for ways to reduce back pain while in the office, one of the most common answer is to get a comfortable chair. The back support that your office chair provides is one of the reasons why you are experiencing back pain.

Luckily, there are a lot of ergonomic chairs available in the market that can help you in preventing back pain while working. You can choose a chair with lumbar support because it can reduce lower back pain.

It is also recommended that you get an adjustable chair so you can recline or adjust it on a particular position that makes your back comfortable. You should take into consideration the situation in your workplace in choosing the right ergonomic chair.

  1. Move Around

If you have the chance, you should try to move around or stand up once every hour. This tip is one of the efficient ways to reduce back pain while in the office. Sitting down for an extended period can give stress to your muscle, which then leads to muscle pain.

With that said, ensure that you take breaks to stretch your legs and back. You can get a coffee, make some copies at the photocopy room, talk to some workmates, or take a walk outside. Whatever you choose to do, you have to make sure that you give your back and legs a time to relax.

  1. Do Back Stretches

Aside from moving around or taking breaks, you can directly take care of your back by doing exercises or stretches. Try and do some research about what back stretches you can do while in the office or at home and do it for a week. If you are doing it right, you will feel more comfortable throughout the day.


You should take the time to give attention to your back while you are working. It does not mean that when you are working, you should be working all the time. Try to follow the tips above on how to reduce back pain and your body will surely thank you for taking such precautions.