What Are The Right Sectional Dimensions For Your Living Room?

What are the right sectional dimensions for your living room? We will help you get the right measurements so that you can utilize your space perfectly.

Sofas are the heart and soul of the living room. If you ask them, most people will say that they consider color, fabric, style, texture, and quality of materials while buying their sofa. What people often forget is the size!

The dimensions of your sofa are very important because they can make or break how your room looks. For example, if you have a long and narrow living room, putting multiple sofas, including 3-seaters and armchairs, may not be a great idea. Sectionals might be a good option for this scenario.

What Are The Right Sectional Dimensions

Secondly, it is important to always measure the size of your room before selecting a sectional sofa to give you a general idea of how the sectional sofa fits in your living room. 

You also need to measure the dimensions of the sectional sofa to know precisely if the sofa fits accurately in the position where you intend to put it. 

So what are the right sectional dimensions for your living room? There is no straightforward answer for it. But in this article, we will discuss the general measurement rules which may help you get the right sectional sofa for your room.

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Measuring A Sectional Sofa

Measuring the dimensions of the sectional sofa is a bit complicated in comparison to the traditional sofa. You need to focus mainly on two things, i.e., the overall length and overall width. 

You can use tape to measure the overall length and width distance and note it in inches.

What Are The Right Sectional Dimensions

You can also note the height of a sectional sofa by measuring the distance from the floor to the sofa’s arms. The average height of a sectional sofa lies between 26 to 35 inches.

Dimensions Of Sectional Sofa

The sectional sofas are customizable. So you cannot say its exact dimensions. But there are some general measurements which you need to keep in mind before buying a sectional sofa.

#1. Overall Length

The overall length is the combination of either right-hand or left-hand loveseat and corner chair. It is usually between eight to thirteen feet (94 to 168 inches)long.

#2. Overall Width

The measurement of the back sofa gives you the total width of the sofa. It is usually longer compared to the overall length of the sectional sofa and usually falls between ninety-four to one sixty-eight inches wide.

#3. Other Measurements

You need to consider the interior side of the sectional sofa if you are thinking of pairing the sofa with a center table or coffee table or a centerpiece like an ottoman.

#4. Curved Sectional Measurement

Measuring the curved sectional is a bit tricky in comparison to another sectional sofa. You need to imagine a small rectangle that will fit the curved sectional within it. The long side of the rectangle will give you the width, and the short side will provide you with depth. This dimension will provide you with the area that will comfortably fit the sectional sofa.

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How Should You Take Measurements For A Sectional Sofa?

#1. Measure The Space Of Your Living Room

You can use tape to measure the length, width, and height of your room. These dimensions will give you a baseline that what size of sectional sofa fits in your room. You can also take the help of various apps for measuring the overall dimensions of your room. But the tape will give you an accurate measurement.

What Are The Right Sectional Dimensions

Again, you need to consider the hallways, doorways while measuring the dimensions of your room. It’s essential because you are going to carry the sectional sofa at the time of delivery.

In some sectionals, you can remove the legs so that they can easily enter narrow pathways. But I will advise that you should not buy a sectional sofa which could not enter on the doorways of your living room.

#2. Tape The Area

You need to decide where you will place the sectional sofa after knowing the exact dimensions of your living room. The place should be away from the traffic or should not hinder while moving freely in your house. You can place the sectional on the corner of your living room but keep at least a few inches away from the wall.

You can mark the place with masking tape. The exact measurement is not that important here. But, tapping the area will surely help you visualize how much your sectional sofa will occupy in your living room.

You can change the spot and remark the place as many times as possible until you are not comfortable with the position of the sectional sofa.

#3. Measure Area

You need to measure the dimensions of the space you have marked on your living room and calculate its area. The calculated area will give you a rough estimate about which size of sectional sofa will fit in your living room.

What Are The Right Sectional Dimensions

You need to measure the height of the window sill if you are thinking of placing the sectional sofa near the window of your living room. Remember the rule is that the back of the sofa should not be higher than the sill.

Which Sectional Couch Should You Get?

There are various sizes of sectional sofa. I am describing here some of the most common section couches you can purchase for your dwelling room.

#1. L shape

The L shape sectional sofa takes the L shape alphabet when placed in the living room. There are mainly three cushions that connect to either two cushions or three cushions. This couch is versatile among all other sectional sofas, and you can place them either in a corner or in the middle portion of the living room. So, most people use these sofas in their living room. They add a modern look to your dwelling.


The chaise sectional is such a type of sofa that connects with the ottoman on one side to place your feet up. This sofa is a bit small compared to other sectional sofa and can easily fit your living room.


The curved sectional sofa is larger than other sofas. So if your living room is small, then don’t buy this curved sofa. They usually don’t fit against a wall. So you need to place them in the middle of your living room.

What Are The Right Sectional Dimensions

However, the design is unique and can enhance the beauty of your living room.

#4.U shape

The U-shaped sectional couch has enough place to sit. So if you have a large family or your friends or guests often visit your house, then purchase a U shape sectional sofa.

#4. Modular

The modular sofa can take the shape of any of the sectional sofa except the curved one. You need to choose the best one which will fit the style of your living room.

#5. Recliner

Nowadays, all the sectional couches come with recliner mode so that you can use it as a bed when guests stay in your house overnight.

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Answers To Questions About Sectional Dimensions

#1. What are sectional dimensions?

Sectional sofas are typically between 94 to 156 inches long and 94 to 168 inches wide. This measurement covers all the components of the back portion of the sofa.

#2. What are the dimensions of small sectionals?

The width of small sectionals lies between 80 to 100 inches, and the depth is between 36 to 40 inches. You can measure the depth by measuring the distance between the back of the sofa to the end of the cushion seat.

What Are The Right Sectional Dimensions

#3. What size room do you need for a sectional?

The sectional should not cover the wall completely. You should try to leave at least 1.5ft of space on either side of the sofa. If you intend to purchase a chaise sectional, then the chaise part of it should not be so long that it covers more than 50% of your living room.

#4. How big is a typical sectional couch?

According to home decor experts, full-size sectionals hover between 94 to 156 inches in length and 94 to 168 inches in width. People typically place these full sectional sofas in the living room as it is very spacious.

#5. What are the advantages of a sectional sofa?

Sectional sofas can be great for your living room because

  • They are very versatile; they come in many shapes and sizes
  • They give you more seating in lesser space as compared to conventional sofa
  • Sectional sofas are perfect for parties and having large gatherings where people can sit together in one place with a coffee table in between

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Wrap Up

If you love having friends over and partying, you should definitely invest in a good sectional sofa. A spacious living room will easily accommodate one, but these sofas are good even for smaller rooms if you do your measurements correctly and purchase the right size and shape.

I hope this article has helped you understand how to measure your room and your sofa to make sure you make the best of your living space without making it look too cluttered or unfriendly.

What Are The Right Sectional Dimensions

Please do share your suggestions for this article. And after reading this write-up, if you purchase a sectional sofa, please share your experience with us in the comments!

Happy Furniture!