What Furniture To Put Under A Window? Furnishing Guide & FAQs

Many of our readers feel confused about what furniture to put under a window. In this informative guide, we bring you some of the best ideas to do so.

The floor space under large and tall windows can be prime real estate in your entire house. Therefore, you should not place wrong things that may obstruct the beautiful view of the outside world. 

On the other hand, under-window furniture adds a different perspective and offers you elegance and style while adding to the functionality of your room. 

What Furniture To Put Under A Window

Now the question is, what kind of furniture can you place under your window to make your home look more beautiful? To make your task easier, I have put together a list with some great ideas of things that you can keep under a window. Have a look!

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What Furniture To Put Under A Window? Some Tips

#1 Plant Table

A plant table is one of the best under window furniture for any room. You can place all your favorite plants that can add greenery and elegance to your room while also adding nature’s touch. Moreover, under the window, these plants receive natural sunlight from outside. 

The best part is that the plants are not tall enough to block your window. Therefore, sunlight can enter your room. You can make your home look vibrant and lively. You can opt for the console tables to use as your plant table. They are available in beautiful designs and have a perfect height for this purpose. Most console tables are designed to be shallow. 

Therefore, they will not take much floor space in your room. Some of these plant tables come with storage options too. If you have a small living room or bedroom, you can opt for these options to serve both form and function.

What Furniture To Put Under A Window- Plant Table

#2 Desk

With the pandemic continuing to rage on, work-from-home has become the norm. A desk can be another under window furniture that can add a bit of efficiency to your home office set-up. 

It will not only brighten up your home office but also you can enjoy a great outside view when working. It will also not block your window. So, the rest of our room can get good natural sunlight.

#3 Couch

Nowadays, most sofas are designed to be low in height. These traditional pieces of furniture can be another good under-window option that will not block the window. It would be best if you place the sofa against the wall and the television on the opposite to complete your room furnishing layout.

What Furniture To Put Under A Window- Couch

This setting will also help to enhance your TV visibility even in the daylight. Remember, if your window is facing North, do not place the sofa under the window. It is because, in the winter months, the chilly wind will enter your room and leave you shivering.

#4 Daybed

If the floor space under your window is too small to fit a sofa, you can choose a daybed to place there. Daybeds are small and can perfectly fit in the corners and the compact floor space zones. Moreover, it can offer you a comfortable afternoon nap in the lap of the sun!

#5 Reading Chair

The primary advantage of having a tall and big window is that you receive a ton of sunlight. Therefore, you can place a reading chair there where you can curl up with a nice book. 

What Furniture To Put Under A Window- Reading Chair

This reading chair can make this place your favorite corner that can offer a comfortable reading. You can also keep a bookshelf nearby to keep all your favorite books. You can place a floor lamp to help you to read at night also.

#6 Dinner table with Chairs

A small circular-shaped dinner table will be a great addition to this under-window furniture list. You can start your day by having breakfast or can have quick mid-day snacks sitting at this dinner table and enjoy gazing outside.

This breakfast table can be a nice place to enjoy a nice meal under the warm glow of the sun.

#7 Cat Tower

You can place a cat tower in front of the window to allow your pets to have fun in the bright sunlight. Also, they can relax in the attached beds or can peer outside to see the outside world.

#8 Credenza

Credenza will be another good option to place in front of your window. You can use it both as a storage option or a display. It has an elegant and simple look to make your room look beautiful. 

Moreover, it will not block the sunlight from entering your room. You can simply put an antique flower vase to enhance the beauty of this credenza.

#9 Storage Bench

You can place a storage bench under the window to help you to keep all your necessary belongings. You can also keep some soft cushions on this storage bench to make it comfortable for you.

What Furniture To Put Under A Window- Storage Bench

#10 Playroom Bench

A playroom bench is another good addition that you can keep under the window. These playroom benches are very short in height and cannot block the sunlight. Moreover, it will offer you to spend good family time with all your dear ones.

If you want, you can keep some pillows to make it comfortable and cozy even for the children.

#11 DIY Furniture

You can show your creativity by trying DIY on your furniture. Those who are creative need not purchase custom-made in-built furniture. Rather, they can do some DIY artwork to make the window furniture look even more beautiful and classic.

#12 Arrange a Coffee Corner

You can arrange this zone as your favorite coffee corner where you can sit every day with your morning coffee and enjoy the pleasant outside world. Place a short stool to keep a flower vase or your laptop, magazine, or newspaper.

What Furniture To Put Under A Window- Coffee Corner

How To Decorate an Under-Window Couch?

  • You can place two armchairs and a coffee table beside the sofa daybed or storage table to make it look complete and conversational. Try to maintain the same height with the paired couch to let the sunlight in your room.
  • Try to frame your couch with armchairs or a coffee table to produce an asymmetrical design.
  • You can also match your curtain’s color with the couch. But it would be better if you use a patterned curtain for a solid couch or vice-versa.
  • If you have a pale-colored couch, you can decorate it using bright and colorful pillow covers.
  •  A media cabinet will also be compatible with your under window couch. But avoid placing the television on it because it may make the room look smaller as the television works as a focal point of the room.

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Frequently Asked Questions About What Furniture to Put Under a Window

What kind of furniture can you place under your window?

You can place a sofa, daybeds, coffee table, ottoman, armchairs under your window. When you get all this furniture, you can group it to make your living room look cozier. The bay window will play a crucial role to play to keep yourself relaxed and comfortable.

What to do with the furniture under the window?

Try to install the low design furniture in front of the window. It will help you to get enough sunlight in your room. You can either sit there with your morning coffee or with your favorite books in the lap of nature. You can place some soft cushions or pillows to make your furniture comfortable.

What Furniture To Put Under A Window

Is it okay to put furniture in front of a window?

Certainly, you can put furniture in front of a window. It will keep direct sunlight from entering your room. Those who have a very compact place under the window have no choice but to put a piece of furniture there.

Is it okay to place the TV under the window?

It would be best if you can avoid placing the television under the window. If possible, do not place the TV under or on the opposite side of the window. Otherwise, your living room may look smaller. Also, the presence of sunlight will create a glare on the TV screen.

Is it ideal to face your sofa with your TV?

Generally, you may think that you should place the sofa squarely opposite to your television. But the fact is we should place the TV in the off-center position. This way, it will not become the focal point of your room.

Should you place a seating couch against the wall?

Avoid placing the furniture against the wall. Try to keep at least a 1-feet distance between the sofa and the wall. Thus, you can make your living room more inviting and conservational.

What Furniture To Put Under A Window

Can you put a bed in front of your window?

Yes, you can certainly place it in front of the window. But if your bed is a little high in height and you do not have other windows in your room, you can avoid placing it under the window to let the sunlight in.


I am sure this write-up has given you some useful ideas on what you can place under your window. You can choose our tips and tricks or try your own; the principles will remain the same! Do share your feedback with us in the comments section below.

Happy Furnishing!

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