What Is A Tall Dresser Called?: Your Ultimate Guide To Every Type of Dresser

“What is a tall dresser called?”, “What is a bachelor’s chest?”, “What is a combo dresser?”. Answers to these, and other questions about dressers coming up in the article below!

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A dresser has been an indispensable part of our homes for more than 400 years. It is an iconic piece of furniture, and its earliest use dates back to the 15th century in France. Over the years, there have been many modifications in its base design. 

Today, there are a plethora of options to choose from, such as a vertical dresser, horizontal dresser, bachelor’s dresser, and many more. Many people get confused between these options. For example: “what is a tall dresser called?” is a common question that our readers ask.

One of the most common types of dressers is a tall dresser. The other name for a tall dresser is “tallboy.” A tallboy is divided into the upper and lower part. The lower part consists of one chest of drawers, and the upper part is the wardrobe. 

What Is A Tall Dresser Called

A highboy dresser is also a type of tall dresser, but its design is slightly different from a tallboy dresser. Instead of one, it incorporates two chests of drawers. 

Today in this article, we will discuss all the types of dressers available in the market, different materials used to make a dresser, and different designs of the dresser. In the end, we will also answer some of the common questions associated with them.

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6 Types Of Dresser: Based On Design

#1 Bachelor’s Chest

The other name for bachelor’s chest is gentleman’s chest. As the name suggests, a bachelor’s chest is a piece of furniture designed for one-person usage. It is, in reality, smaller than the dressers and usually comprises not more than four drawers, stacked one above the other. It is a multifunctional piece of furniture and great for space-saving. The chest incorporates a single column of drawers inserted within a sleek frame. For example, VASAGLE 3-Drawer Dresser Chest

What Is A Tall Dresser Called
Bachelors Chest


  • The chest is perfect as bedside storage or a nightstand. 
  • It is a space-saving piece of furniture.
  • It comes with multi-utility drawers.
  • The chest can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and practically anywhere. 


  • The size of the drawers is small, hence offers limited storage.
  • It is designed keeping in mind one person’s usage, therefore not made for families with children.

When should you use this?

If you have a small home and/or live alone, then a bachelor’s chest can be the perfect piece of furniture for you. If you like a minimalist interior, then a bachelor’s chest is for you. 

When not to use this?

If you need ample storage space, it is better you don’t crowd your place with a bachelor’s chest. It offers less storage space and can be a complete waste if you have a lot of things to store. 

#2 Combo Dresser

This piece of furniture is a perfect amalgamation of two essential elements of furniture: drawers and cabinets. There can be three to five drawers in the combo, along with one or two cabinets. The differently sized drawers are perfect for organizing clothes and the cabinets for hanging them. For example: Storkcraft Brookside

What Is A Tall Dresser Called
Combo Dresser

The combo dressers can be two more types: Loft bed and dresser combo like Naomi Loft Bed and Dresser and changing table combo Delta 3 Drawer Dresser.


  • The dresser provides ample storage space in a single piece of furniture.
  • Makes it easy to organize clothes of different types and sizes.
  • Perfect for small items like belts, hats, scarves, and many more.
  • The cabinet allows hanging dresses. 
  • A loft bed dresser combo is ideal for a home with kids.
  • A dresser and changing table combo is perfect for a home with a newborn or an infant.


  • A combo dresser is comparatively big in size hence challenging to shift from one room to another if need be. 

When should you use this?

If you have a small home with kids and/or you like to keep things in an organized manner, then a combo dresser is best for you. Also, if you have a lot of things to store, then the drawers and shelves in the cabinet can solve your maximum storage problems.

When not to use this?

If you often shift your accommodation or like to change the furniture’s settings every now and then, it is better not to buy a big combo dresser. Also, if you want minimalist pieces of furniture, then this combo dresser is not for you. 

#3 Lingerie Chest

A lingerie chest is designed to hold lingerie for each day of the week. It generally has seven drawers depicting the number of days in a week. The chest is tall and has narrow yet deep drawers for storing lingeries and other small things.

If you think about what a tall skinny dresser is called, then a lingerie chest is a perfect example. The chest frees up your dresser space and helps you store your intimates in an organized manner. For example, Glory Lingerie Chest. This chest is a perfect example of a tall thin dresser. 

What Is A Tall Dresser Called
Lingerie Chest


  • It provides proper storage for your panties, bras, and other intimates.
  • Several small drawers help to keep things organized.
  • The narrow tower design doesn’t take up much room and can free up floor space. 
  • Ensures the long life of underwire bras.
  • The drawers are perfect for storing cosmetics, jewelry, socks, ties, and many more. 


  • The drawers are not meant for storing big clothes like t-shirts, shirts, etc.
  • Too many drawers can confuse some.
  • Meant for single-person use.

When should you use this?

If you have an unorganized cabinet due to small clothes such as socks, ties, lingerie, etc., this lingerie chest is the perfect piece of furniture for you. You can utilize every corner of the drawers to store small items.

When not to use this?

If you hardly have small clothes or your cupboard already has small drawers, then you should avoid buying a lingerie chest as it will only end up overcrowding your living space. 

#4 Standard Horizontal Dresser

A horizontal dresser is one of the oldest forms of the dresser. Its design is quite different from other types of dressers. It consists of two to three rows of drawers that are long in size. Sometimes the top row contains multiple small drawers. The drawers are not so deep but wide enough to keep big things. For example, Sauder Shoal Horizontal Dresser.

What Is A Tall Dresser Called
Standard Horizontal Dresser


  • The dresser offers plenty of tabletop space for displaying showpieces, table lamps, etc.
  • It is also perfect as a piece of furniture for TV.
  • So many drawers provide extra storage space. 
  • The dresser is ideal for a big family and for storing many big and small clothes.
  • It is also helpful in workplaces for storing files and documents.
  • It is perfect for big homes or apartments.


  • The dresser is quite bulky; hence it is not possible to shift it often.
  • Too many drawers can confuse the users. 

When should you use this?

The dresser is perfect for a small family. Hence if you have a home with kids, then this dresser can solve your maximum storage problems. Also, if you have an office and have unorganized files and papers, this dresser can be the best piece of furniture for you.

When not to use this?

A standard horizontal dresser is usually prominent in size hence occupies a bigger floor area. If you live in a small home, you must avoid filling it with a massive dresser like this one.

#5 Gentleman’s Chest

A gentlemen’s chest, as the name implies, is meant for men. It consists of four to five drawers, paired with one big vertical cabinet. The large cabinet comes with no shelves hence perfect for hanging long suits, pants, jackets, and other clothing items.

It is one of the most common types of dressers for men and a spacious one. For example, Lane Home Gentleman's Chest.

What Is A Tall Dresser Called
Gentleman’s Chest (Illustration)


  • The drawers of the chest are suitable for storing small items such as wallets, belts, etc. 
  • The cabinet is perfect for hanging long dresses and has the room to hold things in a range of sizes.
  • It is taller than a combo dresser hence offers good storage space.
  • It occupies less room storage space.
  • The dresser can be kept in a bedroom, guest bedroom, hallway, family room, or living room.


  • A gentleman’s chest is designed keeping in mind one-person usage. Hence you will need to keep more than one chest for a home with more than one male member.

When should you use this?

If you wear office suits and don’t have a proper place to hang them, then a gentleman’s chest can solve your problem. Also, if the roof of your house is not high enough to fit a big cupboard, you can opt for this chest.

When not to use this?

If you don’t need to hang your dresses, you shouldn’t buy a gentlemen’s chest. 

#6 Standard Vertical Chest

A standard vertical chest is a perfect example of a tall and thin dresser. It is also known as tallboy because of its build. The chest generally consists of four to five levels of drawers.

The top levels have smaller drawers as compared to the lower levels. It is perfect for storing clothes and other home utilities. Differently-sized drawers offer maximum storage space. For example, Cozy Castle Vertical Dresser.

Standard Vertical Chest


  • The size of the chest is ideal for a small bedroom.
  • The multiple drawers provide ample storage space for small clothes and other accessories.
  • The top of the chest can be used to place a lamp or other small decorative items. 
  • It is perfect for organizing small items scattered here and there.


  • A standard vertical chest typically has less storage space than a standard dresser. 
  • It might not be suitable for a family with more than two members.

When should you use this?

If you have a small space and think between dresser vs. chest of drawers, then a standard vertical chest is all you need. 

When not to use this?

If you need a dresser with a lot of storage space, it is better to go for a dresser and not a chest.

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4 Types of dressers: Based On Material Used

#7 Metal Dresser

A metal dresser is a highly durable dresser material. The material ensures furniture’s longevity and makes it perfect for rough usage. Furniture made of metal is easy to clean and maintain and is also scratch-resistant.

Even if there are some scratches, you can repaint it and refurbish it. A metal dresser can be found in a variety of designs. For example, Hillsdale Furniture Metal Dresser .

Metal Dresser


  • You do not need to worry about mites or other pests in a metal dresser since the surface is cold and hard.
  • It is not difficult to replace parts of a metal dresser.
  • Since the material is not natural, it will last long.
  • It occupies less space than a wooden dresser.
  • Pets or minor accidents cannot destroy it.


  • Metal frames are heavier than wooden frames.
  • A metal dresser might have sharp points that can be risky for kids.

When should you use this?

Metal furniture needs less care and maintenance; hence perfect if you don’t have much time for its upkeep. If you need storage space for keeping your heavy tools, then a piece of metal furniture is the best. Also, it is perfect if you don’t have kids at home. 

When not to use this?

If you have wooden floors, it is essential to avoid a heavy set of furniture like metal furniture. Also if you need to shift the furniture often, it is not suitable.

#8 Wooden Dresser

Most of the dresser today is made of wood because wood is timeless and everlasting. Metal and plastic are its biggest competitors, but nothing has to date replaced wood. Its natural beauty adds warmth and character to any room.

A wooden dresser can be easily changed over time to give it a new look. You can easily give it an entirely new look by doing some damage repair. It imparts charm, elegance, and sophistication to any living space. For example, Walker Edison Wood Dresser.


  • Wood is a long-lasting natural material meant to withstand years of mishandling.
  • Adding a piece of wood furniture to a room will completely change its look and feel.
  • Wooden dressers can be placed anywhere at home, like in the kitchen or living room.
  • It is easy to maintain a wooden dresser. All you need to do is wipe it with a wood cleanser whenever required.

What Is A Tall Dresser Called
Modern light interior in the style of Provence 3D render


  • A wooden dresser can be destroyed by pests and termites attracted to wood.
  • It is costlier than metal or plastic dressers.

When should you use this?

If you reside in a highly-populated, busy city where you are hardly surrounded by nature and wish to foster a sense of nature in your home or office, then a wooden dresser is the perfect way to achieve this.

When not to use this?

If you live near coastal regions or where it rains throughout the year, you should stick to metal or plastic dressers instead of wooden ones. 

#9 Leather Dresser

Leather gives any furniture a very royal and stylish look. Though the dresser is made of wood, it has a covering of leather on it. This enhances the look of the furniture on the whole. Experts also say that leather dressers or furniture last multiple times more than any other material.

Leather dressers will enhance the look of the room and blend well with other pieces of furniture. Today there are various designs available using leather material. The most popular one is the chesterfield design. One of the best leather dressers on amazon is the Baxton Black Leather Dresser.

What Is A Tall Dresser Called
Leather Dresser


  • Long-lasting material can last four times more than other materials.
  • The leather material makes the dresser durable and spill-resistant.
  • Cleaning stains and watermarks on the dresser are convenient.
  • Leather does not absorb any smell as other materials do.
  • Pet fur will not stick, and if it does, you can wipe it quickly.


  • The chances of stains and marks will be more prominent on the white leather dresser.
  • You will not find much variety and color options when choosing a leather dresser.
  • Leather changes with temperature. Make sure you keep it in places with ordinary temperatures.
  • The chances of leather getting damaged and torn out with sharp things are higher.

Why should you use it?

If budget is not an issue, you can surely use a leather dresser as it is highly durable and long-lasting. The leather fabric is water and stain-resistant; thus, it is perfect for a kid’s room. 

When not to use it?

The leather dresser looks great but can be expensive for pocket-friendly people. Moreover, a leather dresser is only suitable for outdoor use as it is prone to change in different temperatures. 

#10 Wicker/Rattan

Wicker or Rattan is a woven material that looks like bamboo furniture. Rattan can be given any shape as it can be woven easily into thin strips. For bending the Rattan into shapes, it needs to be soft. Thus, it is either softened by boiling or heated in the fire to soften it.

Rattan looks like bamboo, but in reality, it is a climbing palm with a strong core. It wraps itself around trees and has notches on the top layer of its skin. You will be surprised to know that Rattan is one of the strongest woods in the world with high flexibility. Rattan dresser has multiple drawers as well as cabinets.

Thus, it can be both tall and thin. It blends well with other furniture and can be one of the attractive pieces of furniture in your home. One of the best examples of a rattan dresser is the ACME White Accent dresser.


  • The wood has excellent flexibility. Thus, rattan dressers are easy to maintain.
  • Wicker furniture or dressers are ideal for indoor use.
  • Rattan is also moisture and stain- resistant 
  • Being the strongest wood in the world, it can withstand the weight of heavy individuals.
  • It gives any room a natural look and is inspired by cottage designs.


  • It cannot withstand extreme temperatures thus, is not suitable for outdoor use.
  • Do not expose a rattan dresser to direct sunlight as it can get damaged.
  • When Rattan is exposed to rain, it gets damaged easily and does not dry quickly.
  • As it is lightweight, there are chances that the dresser might fall due to constant movement or shifting.

Why should you use it?

If you want to add a more natural feel to a room, you can use a dresser made of rattan material. As it is a strong material, it can withstand wear and tear quickly.

When should you not use it? 

Though Rattan is one of the strongest woods, remember it is also lightweight. All those who have children must not use furniture made of rattan material as it is not ideal for a kid’s room. If children spill water on it, then the chances of damage are high. The woven Rattan can get loose with regular shifting. Thus, you must not keep moving furniture from one room to the other.

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6 Types Of Dressers: Based On Style

#11 Traditional Dressers

Traditional dressers give a detailed look to the dressers. The dresser is made with hardwood with a few embellishments to make it look great and traditional. Traditional dresser has many drawers to enhance the storage capacity. Moreover, this type of dresser is eye-catchy with its design.

Maple, walnut, oak, pine all are great to make traditional dressers. The best tall dresser with multiple storages is the South Shore dresser with six drawers.


  • The traditional chest has a strong build.
  • Different antique handles are used to make a traditional chest.
  • It is multifunctional as you can use it as a center of attraction of your house or set it in any room as per requirement.
  • Generally, most traditional dressers have legs which makes it convenient to move the chest from one room to the other.


  • The traditional chest is hefty.
  • It is made using old-fashioned designs which not everyone likes to possess.
  • If the handle or leg is damaged, it is difficult to find the exact piece due to its traditional design.

When should you use it?

All those who love traditional furniture with an antique look and make any room look traditional yet simple must use a conventional dresser. The look, design, and embellishment make the dresser stand out from the other furniture of your house.

When not to use it?

If you have a house with modern furniture and taste, then a traditional dresser is not for you. It is generally hard to move the dresser from one place to another due to its heavyweight. 

#12 Cottage Style Dresser

A cottage-style dresser is furniture with a more relaxed look. With a soft color tone and decent features, this dresser is one of those pieces of furniture that matches the eyes of a traditional and modern dresser. Modern in its color and classic in its looks. A cottage makes you feel cozy and home-like, the same way a cottage dresser will make any room look cozy as well as lively.

A cottage dresser has soft colors like lilac, pale blue, white, and grey. It is soothing to the eyes and makes a room look aesthetic and stylish. A cottage-style chest in Amazon is a Shabby Cottage chestwith drawers and a raft wood top.

Cottage Style


  • The cottage-style dresser has a touch of elegance.
  • Drawers are smooth to open with strong handles.
  • The dresser has legs that make cleaning underneath the dresser possible.
  • It is a perfect blend of traditional as well as modern furniture.


  • While choosing a cottage-style dresser, there are limited color options available.
  •  Not all like dull and pale colors.
  • Cottage-style dressers are not tall but broad.

When should you use this?

If you prefer giving your home a more relaxed look and are happy using soft-colored furniture, you can go for a cottage-style dresser. It provides a nice cozy feel to the room and is ideal for giving a new look to the bedroom.

When not to use this? 

People who love bright colors and do not prefer soft colors must not use cottage furniture. Children and youngsters will not like this type of furniture due to its basic design and not attractive color.

#13 Contemporary dresser

A contemporary dresser has a touch of modernity and a look that is fresh and new. This type of dresser is taller than a usual dresser and has a smaller width. A contemporary dresser has more geometrical patterns with a good amount of storage.

When talking about the types of dressers, this is one type that is very popular with people who have great taste and love having the latest design of furniture in their house. One good example of a contemporary dresser is the Walker Edison Closet.

What Is A Tall Dresser Called
Contemporary Style


  • Contemporary dresser has newness and is available in different shapes and patterns.
  • Available with up-to-date styles and designs.
  • A chest with a contemporary design is ideal for the bedroom and kids’ room that makes it perfect as space-saving gear.
  • The drawers are spacious, and the design enhances the look of the room.


  • Many people who do not want to experiment with furniture don’t prefer using contemporary furniture.

Why should you use it?

Contemporary dressers have the latest design and are unique in themselves. All those who love to try something new must use this type of furniture.

When should you not try it?

All those who have a soft corner for traditional furniture must not use contemporary furniture. A dresser with the latest design is not as strong as a traditional chest.

#14 Modern Style Dresser

A modern style dresser gives a more futuristic feel to the piece of furniture. It was made after the 1900s. Modern furniture is stylish, latest, and suits any corner of the room. It is sleeker, has a smooth surface, with simple yet classy shapes.

The color scheme looks decent yet modern. It is a spacious gear that works well as a masterpiece of your house and an attractive piece of furniture. Modern furniture can be made of wood, leather, vinyl, and also plastic. The best example of modern furniture is this

What Is A Tall Dresser Called
Mid Century Modern


  • The modern dresser looks great, even though it is simple, yet it has newness in it.
  • The furniture has basic lines and geometrical shapes.
  • You can use the furniture to give a new look to your house.
  • The modern furniture has a shine on it that makes it look different from other house furniture.


  • Modern furniture does not fit every room and also does not blend with other old furniture.
  • Most modern dressers are cheaper than rustic, Rattan, and old-style furniture.

When should you use a modern dresser?

All those with contemporary homes and furniture that make the room look decent, eye-catchy, and spacious must use modern furniture. To give your home a balance of style and comfort, a modern dresser is the best.

When should you not use it?

If you already have something unique in your house, then you must not use modern furniture. It will not make the room stand out; moreover, it does not blend well with every room. 

#15 Rustic Style Furniture

Rustic style dresser is an old fashion style dresser which is a type of homespun furniture. It looks as if the furniture is pretty old, but the look itself is the attractive part of a rustic dresser.

Distressed wood is used to make such types of furniture. The metal handles and its framing makes it stand out from other types of dressers. One of my favorite examples of rustic furniture is the Iwell Storage Cabinet in rustic brown color.


  • Though the rustic style dresser looks old-fashioned, it enhances the look of the room. 
  • The shelves and drawers are large and spacious.
  • Metal handles, rustic look makes the chest look great.
  • One can use it as furniture and as a home decorating piece.


  • Some people do not even know whether it is a new piece of furniture due to its rustic design.

When should you use it?

All those who love keeping a collection of old-fashioned furniture in their homes can use a rustic dresser. It will make the furniture look antique. You can use it like furniture or just to decorate your house. For all those looking for a spacious piece of furniture, the rustic dresser can be one of them.

When not to use it?

If you love to have contemporary furniture in your home, the rustic dresser will not suit you. It is not suitable for a kid’s room; instead, it will fit in the living room.

#16 Distressed Dresser

Distressed means worn-out. To give your furniture a weathered look, it is best if you get a distressed dresser. Though the furniture looks aged, it also helps you enhance the look of your room.

Buying distressed furniture is trending now, especially for people who are into DIY art and craft. They love doing a makeover of their homes and love experimenting with the furniture and its looks. A good example is amazon link=”B083J5S346” link_text=”SONGMICS Rustic Drawer Dresser”]

Distressed Wood Dresser


  • A distressed dresser makes the room look eye-catching.
  • As it is a distressed dresser, you can design it according to your requirement.
  • When the furniture is made of natural solid wood, no laminates are used.
  • Distressed furniture is budget-friendly as compared to antique furniture.


  • Does not blend well with all rooms.
  • Looks worn out; thus, people will not make out whether it is new or not.

When should one use it?

If you love creativity and want to experiment with home furnishing, you can use distressed dressers in your rooms. 

When should you not use it?

If you require more prominent space in a room, do not crowd it by using a distressed dresser. It will not only acquire space but will make the room non-creative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tall dresser called?

A standing closet is known as a tall dresser. It usually is taller than a dresser and stands vertical. It can also be called a wardrobe. Armoire refers to tall. It is a French word and refers to free-standing. Some also call it an ornate cupboard. Tall dressers can have two, three, and also four doors. With shelves that help you store several things, clothes, etc., as per your requirement, you can use them.

What is the best material for a dresser?

The best material for a dresser is wood. Both soft and hardwood are great for making dressers and chests. Wood from conifer trees like cedar, pine, and spruce are great. If you want your furniture to stay as it is for a long time, use cedar as it is insect-resistant. Pine dressers are often sold unpainted. Rattan is another material that is strong enough to be used for dressers.

Maple wood is another very popular solid material for making dressers as it is long-lasting and affordable. Wood is preferred to make dressers as it is long-lasting and durable. Softwood, on the other hand, is cheaper than hardwood furniture.

What Is A Tall Dresser Called

What is the tallest dresser?

In the 19th century, in 1926, the tallest dresser with a height of 36 feet became popular as Bureau. It is the world’s largest chest of drawers. A bureau is a tall dresser that is ideally used in the library to keep books. People use it in the office to keep files and informational documents safe in one place.

It has multiple drawers that provide proper storage. Bureau can be used as an alternative to many dressers. It is perfect if you want to display a collection of things like books, trophies, accessories, etc. the tallest dresser is stylish and can be the center of attraction of any room you place it.

What are tall skinny dressers called?

Tall skinny dressers are called semainiers, a lingerie chest that is perfect for keeping small items, lingerie, and other small clothes. A tall skinny dresser has seven drawers, all of one size for keeping clothing for one full week. A vertical dresser that is thin and tall is a skinny dresser. You can use it anywhere in the kid’s room to store small things in the storeroom and kitchen to keep spoons and other small kitchen utensils. You can use it as a decoration piece in your living room too.

What are tall chest drawers called?

A tall chest dresser is a piece of furniture with dual drawers and a large wardrobe above the drawers. It is popularly known as a tallboy.  In a tallboy, both the set of drawers and the chests are combined, unlike tall dressers.

What Is A Tall Dresser Called

What is another name for tall dressers?

Tall dressers are very tall chests, taller than regular chests and dressers; thus, it is called a highboy or tallboy dresser. It has double drawers, and sometimes a mirror attached to it on the top makes it look like an Armoire. The lower part of the drawer is generally wider than the upper section. It seems like a tall wardrobe with multiple chest drawers below.

What are the other uses of a dresser?

A dresser is used to keep clothes, but there can be several other uses of it. You can use it as a coffee station. You can place spoons and tea bags, and sugar and milk sachets in the drawer and place the cups, pots, and coffee machine on top of it. At night you can convert this coffee station into a bar.

A dresser can also be used as a serving table if you run short of space in the kitchen. If you have an infant at home, you can use the top as a changing station. You can keep the diapers in the drawers along with all the essential oils and lotions.