What Is An Armchair? Armchair Vs. Accent Chair

In this article, we will discuss: What is an armchair? Armchair Vs. Accent Chair.

Do you plan to renovate your home or workplace? Are you thinking of moving into a new home? In that case, you should learn about all possible decoration pieces and statement furniture since history is a testimony to how dangerous a lack of knowledge has been. Are you searching for the perfect chair? The first thing we need to know about chairs is what they are. We will also compare the armchair with the accent chair. 

What Is An Armchair? Armchair Vs. Accent Chair

What does armchair mean?

Let us look at the terms one by one. First, we will discuss what an armchair is? A cushioned and comfortable chair with wide side supports (arms) is called an armchair.

Why is it called armchair?

In its simplest form, a chair is a wood frame with an upholstered back and seat. Today, however, not every frame is made from wood. In addition, a chair may or may not have arms. The prefix’ arm’ is added for an armchair to distinguish it from solely a chair. 

Armchairs are luxurious and come in a variety of colors and finishes. Let’s briefly examine some armchair options.


If electric armchairs are your thing, a recliner shall be the best buy for you. Recliners are a tried and tested product in all aspects. They have been around for decades and are available in numerous finishes and color options. 


Rattan chairs are made in durable and long-lasting fiber hence, making it a superb investment. So if rattans are your thing, go for them without any doubt.

What Is An Armchair? Armchair Vs. Accent Chair

Cane Chair

Cane chairs make for ideal outdoor furniture; they exhibit earthy hues and would thus be ideal if your space is in warm tones. 

Club Armchair

Armchairs like this are deep and wide; they feature a unique shape of armrests. 

How to decide on an armchair?

Here are a few factors that we find worthy of taking into consideration when deciding on an armchair.

How do you like to sit? 

How you like to sit is what your chair should cater to. Suppose you would want a reclining option or a certain arm width of fabric that suits you. Ask yourself whether it will be a chair where you relax after a long day or something you will use occasionally. 

Preferred Height of Backrest 

Depending on your comfort level, you can choose between a low back and a high back armchair.

Compliments your decor

It is advisable to have the existing color palette of your space clearly outlined in hand. If you are revamping your space from scratch, have color, material, texture details already chalked out in your brain. If you have toddlers, look for a medium color that camouflages the color of stains easily so that you can be worry-free with your decor. Of course, you can always consult with a design expert at furniture stores. 


Measure the dimensions of your space beforehand. Now, look at the dimensions of the product in the specifications. If it doesn’t fit well, its aesthetics really can’t compensate for that. 


Last but not least, it is highly recommended to read and analyze all possible reviews of a given product before purchasing to have a fair idea of product quality, maintenance, and durability. 

What is an accent armchair?

An accent chair is a typical single-seat chair designed to act as a focal point in space. In olden times, they were typically found near the fireplace. Today, the market has numerous options for accent armchairs.

Today, accent chairs are used to add a much-needed personality and depth to any space. They are the statement pieces of your house, and hence, you must put a good amount of thought while deciding upon the same.  

Lounge Chair

A lounge chair is one of the most preferred choices for accent chairs. A lounge chair requires quite a lot of space, and you must consider the idea of it only if the room you are looking to place in is big. Readers love this one, and it is good for lounging, as the name suggests. Additionally, the big arms of the lounge chair make for a wonderful armrest. Lounge chairs are available in so many colors, finish options; hence, matching it with your décor won’t be difficult.


Recliners need no introduction. Whether it is about having a short nap or reading your favorite book, recliners are a fun spot to hop on to and feel relaxed and comfy. You can keep a side table in proximity to keep your coffee mug, spectacles, and other necessary items.

When it comes to finishes, leather recliners by far are the most durable. However, it would help if you chose the color palette depending on the décor of your space. 

Rocking Chair

This one is my favorite. I love reading, and hence I have my bookshelf and rocking chair placed utterly close. Rocking chairs are good for reading, relaxing, watching TV, and whatnot. Try sitting on one at the furniture store whenever you walk in, and I am sure you will love it.

Barrel Chair

A barrel chair is a great idea for a not-so-conventional accent chair. Barrel chairs look very classy and do not require much space, unlike recliners and rocking chairs. As the name suggests, the shape of a barrel chair has to do with a barrel.

Wingback Chair

Wingback chairs have wings that extend below the armrest. A high upholstered back ensures comfort and an extra coolness factor. Chairs like this resemble a royal throne. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are accent chairs so expensive?

If you have always wondered why accent chairs are not so affordable compared to conventional ones, they are made with high-quality materials. Accent chairs are preponderantly made in good quality foam, springs, wood frames. The use of superior quality products is also why accent chairs usually come with a warranty period.

What is the difference between an armchair and a sofa?

The most basic difference between the two is that an armchair is typically designed to cater to the seating of one person, while a sofa can be one, two, or even a three-seater arrangement. 

What Is An Armchair? Armchair Vs. Accent Chair

Do people sit on accent chairs?

Yes, of course, people sit on accent chairs. Let me put it this way. An accent chair is a chair that serves a purpose beyond its function. However, they are just good-looking chairs, so they are used for their obvious purpose. 

What is an armchair without arms called?

A chair without arms is called a side chair. A side chair is a small chair with an unupholstered frame. It comes in both variants: with arms and without arms.

Summing up, an armchair is a chair with arms. On the other hand, an accent chair is a chair with extra focus on aesthetics and appeal beyond its usual purpose of seating. 

Armchair Or Accent Chair? Each has a different purpose. 

Armchairs are comfy chairs to rest your arms, whereas accent chairs are meant to be the focal point of the room.

What Is An Armchair? Armchair Vs. Accent Chair

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