Where To Buy A Card Table: Complete Guide

In this article, we will discuss card tables and answer: where to buy a card table.

A card table is a folding table designed for playing cards. It folds flat for easy storage and so that it can fit in any small space. Our readers tell us that they love playing board games, card games, and other tabletop games such as mahjong, poker, snakes, and ladders on card tables.

But one query that keeps popping up all the time is: “Where to buy a card table.” 

Where To Buy A Card Table

In this article, we will look at all questions surrounding card tables and will suggest quite a few places where you can find them.

Why Invest in a Card Table? 

Card tables are a big hit. Such a big hit that we are writing an entire article solely dedicated to them. Have you wondered why? Well, let us look at the advantages of owning a card table.

Occupies less space

Since card tables are foldable tables, they occupy little space. This property makes their ease of storage convenient unless you are specifically thinking of purchasing a poker table. A poker table is covered in felt and requires a designated space in your house. 

Low Cost

Card tables are generally relatively inexpensive and are hence very commonly spotted in college students’ apartments. 

Where To Buy A Card Table

Easy to set up games

With card tables, you need not deal with your dining table or side table being utilized as the games board when friends come over. Instead, you can pull out the card table and easily fold and unfold it whenever needed. It cuts down on so much hassle! Truly a blessing in disguise. 

Auxiliary Seating

Are you looking for an appropriate table for your little one? You might want to consider buying a card table. Furthermore, they can also serve as an extra seating area for your child; you can easily fold and unfold them for mealtimes. 

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What Is a Standard-Size Card Table?

The standard size of a card table depends on the shape in which the table comes in.  While the market is flooded with umpteen designs, card tables preponderantly come in three shapes: circular, square, and rectangular. 

Circular Card Table

A circular card table diameter is generally between 42 to 48 inches. 4 to 5 people can conveniently sit around this one. 

Square Card Table

A square card table’s dimensions range between 34 inches x 34 inches to 40 inches x 40 inches. The four sides are perfect to house four people around them. In addition, square tables are sturdy and can hold a great deal of weight. 

Where To Buy A Card Table

Rectangular Card Table

On the other hand, rectangular card tables can be massive. They come in dimensions like 48 inches x 92 inches. Huge! Isn’t it? If you host as many as eight people often, a rectangular table would be an excellent buy for you. It can seat 6 to 8 people conveniently. 

What Size Tablecloth Is Best for a Card Table?

Well, the tablecloth size depends on your preference of “drop.” Your desired “drop” can be halfway to the floor that is 15 inches or down to the floor that is around 30 inches. 

Decide on your desired drop length by using a measuring tape, and the rest of the math is pretty simple. Add the drop length on all sides of the diameter, side length of your card table. While finalizing the tablecloth, do not look for fabrics that are likely to slip off the table. 

What Is the Average Height of a Card Table?

30 inches is the most commonly seen height in card tables since they are designed as per conventional table and chair anthropometrics. 

What Material Are Card Tables?

Card tables come in a wide range of material options. These comprise aluminum and wooden roll-up tables, which are sturdy and preferred for use outdoors. Other standard options include metal, plastic top, furniture grade.  

Where To Buy A Card Table

How To Buy a Card Table?

If you are getting a card table for poker, it is likely to be covered in felt. Since you won’t fold this table, it is good to invest in chairs that complement this piece of furniture. Don’t worry if you have already bought one; you can order these felt tops separately.

Card tables and chairs

Many card tables already come with four chairs. So, you can also check that combo out. 

Check the product specifications.

It is advisable to double-check the product specifications and, most importantly, the dimensions to get the first delivery right. 

Chose the card table of your needs

You can decide on the dimensions by looking at the number of people you generally host. But, of course, it also depends on what purpose you are catering to. If you are buying it to serve as a makeshift setup for your little one’s study table, you will likely end up with a square-shaped variant. Decide on the number of people, derive the most suitable card table shape depending on the same. 

Where To Buy A Card Table

Now that we have answered pretty much everything surrounding card tables. Now, let us dive into the imperative motive of this article- where can you buy card tables

Where To Buy A Card Table


Names like Walmart need no introduction. Walmart has a good collection of card tables. If you are looking for the card table and chair combo, look no further. Hop onto Walmart, and you will find what you saw on Pinterest. 


Target has card tables on prices as low as $40. They are absolute steal deals. Not only this, Target offers same-day delivery, drive up and so many other facilities. With red cards and gift cards, you can enjoy excellent prices. Also, Target offers contactless delivery.


If Amazon is what you prefer, you will find utterly good options there too. You can browse through multiple reviews and check out bestseller editorial recommendations by the brand. In addition, you can spot card tables for as cheap as 30$.   

Where To Buy A Card Table


If you are a dealer looking for multiple tables, you can walk into foldingchairsandtables stores in Knoxville, Tennessee. The brand offers multiple color and size options at great prices. 


For quirky and trendy designs, Ikea is a great choice. However, walk into the store, and you are likely to get confused with their variety. It is best to walk in pre-decided with the material, color palette, and budget. 


The collection at bedbathandbeyond is impressive and full of contemporary designs. If you are looking to invest in an accent piece, this is the place you must check out. 


Say cost-effective, and Alibaba is the first name that pops up. If you are unsure of buying a card table, you can first try an inexpensive option and see if it comes into use in your household. If it does, you can go for trendy and sleek designs next time. 

Where To Buy A Card Table


You can also find new and used listings for card tables near you on the Facebook marketplace.

Make one yourself

Last but not least, you can make a card table yourself for your next weekend DIY project. Or purchase a simple one and revamp its appeal in colors of your choice.  

Where To Buy A Card Table: There Are So Many Choices!

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Where To Buy A Card Table

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