5 Most Durable Furniture Fabrics For Kids & Pets: Ultimate Guide

Buying upholstery as a parent is tricky but don’t worry; this article will help you choose the most durable furniture fabrics for kids & pets.

Buying furniture with the right fabric can be a headache for anyone if you have kids in your house. Things get more tricky if you have pets too in your house. 

Stains and spills are a widespread occurrence in houses with kids below the age of eight. While for kids, the problems limit mainly to only stain, spills, or bedwetting, but with pets, the furniture fabric should be able to withstand extreme wear and tear from the pet’s claws.

Best Furniture Fabric For Kids

Whether you are a new parent or someone who has already tried multiple furniture fabrics, you can’t choose the best one unless you know the essential factors affecting the performance of furniture fabric.

I will cover the factors you need to consider before buying the right furniture fabric and list out some of the best furniture fabrics for kids you can find in this article.

How To Choose The Best Furniture Fabrics For Kids

  • Liquid Barrier: As already discussed, stains are common if you have kids in your house, so it will be great to buy a water repellant furniture fabric with antimicrobial properties. An antimicrobial fabric protects against mold, bacteria, mildew, and other dangerous microbes. This type of fabric also enhances moisture movement and increases the comfort and life of the fabric.
  • Easy To Wash: If you have kids in your house, you know you can’t stop them from spilling or wetting furniture, but you can buy a furniture fabric that is easy to clean. I will mention some easy-to-clean furniture fabric later in this article.
  • Durable: Spending some extra bucks to buy a good quality furniture fabric is always better than buying a low-quality one that won’t last long, especially when you have kids at home.
  • Anti Fade: For people who live in hot areas with plenty of sunlight coming in or have a vacation home near beaches, you need anti-fade upholstery. Under constant sunlight, the fabrics tend to lose their color and also their life.

Best Furniture Fabric For Kids

How To Choose The Best Furniture Fabrics For Pets

  • Tight Weave: I cannot press on it enough; if you have pets in your home, a tightly woven fabric is a must, and without that, you expose your furniture to get damaged by the claws of your pets, especially cats. 
  • Cleanable: Stains are usually not as big of a problem with pets as with kids, but you still need to clean them regularly. A fabric that is easily cleanable and does not fade easily after washing should be a good investment.
  • Antimicrobial: As I mentioned earlier, antimicrobial fabrics stop the growth of mold, bacteria, mildew, and other microbes, which is important if you have both pets and young kids in your home as kids are not as immune to bacterias carried by animals.
  • Long-Lasting: Getting yourself a durable furniture fabric will always be a good deal with kids and pets in your home.

Best Furniture Fabric For Kids-Pets

Now that you know the factors needed to be considered before buying a furniture fabric, let’s look at some of the best furniture fabric types for dogs and kids.

Which Are The Best Furniture Fabrics For Kids & Pets?

#1. Ultrasuede Fabric

Ultrasuede fabric is a sensitive and functional fabric made with the latest technology. It offers a soft and elegant texture. It consists of 80 percent polyester non-woven and 20 percent non-fibrous polyurethane. 

Ultrasuede feels pretty much the same as natural suede (a soft fabric made of the underside of animal skin). Unlike natural suede, it is resistant to discoloration and stains. 

Even though It features a woven fabric surface, it is still immune to fraying or pilling because of the polyurethane foam, giving it a non-woven structure. Ultrasuede is hands down one of the best furniture fabrics for kids and pets

Best Furniture Fabric For Kids - Ultrauede
Source: Fabrizio Marco Nannini Photographer, CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


  • It has a natural soft woven surface for better comfort.
  • It is easily washable.
  • Ultrasuede is resistant to discoloration and stains caused by kids.
  • It does not retain any odor, which also makes it pet-friendly.


  • It is not vegan.

#2. Microfiber 

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber, even finer than one denier (silk’s single strand is one denier) or thread, and has a diameter of fewer than ten micrometers. 

The various microfibers are made of polyesters, polyamides, polypropylene, and combinations of polyester. Microfiber’s characteristics include toughness, softness, absorption, electrostatics, water repellency, and filtering ability.

Microfiber is my second best choice amongst furniture fabrics for kids

Best Furniture Fabric For Kids - Microbfiber


  • Easily cleanable in a washing machine and withstands almost all types of cleaning products.
  • It is soft, making it comfortable for kids.
  • It is resistant to wrinkles, increasing its longevity. 
  • Maintains its shape even with rugged use
  • It is water repellant.


  • Microfiber is flammable.
  • Microfiber attracts hair, so it might not be too suitable for pets.

#3. Leather 

Leather is among the oldest and well-known upholstery fabrics around. It is manufactured by chemical treatment or tanning of animal skin. Leather is one of the most durable furniture fabrics for kids and pets.

Best Furniture Fabric For Kids - Leather


  • Leather is among the most durable furniture fabrics you can find in the market.
  • It is usually resistant to stains compared to other upholstery.
  • Thanks to the smooth surface of leather, they are easy to clean in case of any spills.
  • It never stinks as it does not absorb any substance in it unless cloth upholstery.


  • Leather is prone to cracks which can be a headache if you have cats.
  • Leather is slightly less comfortable compared to other upholstery.

#4. Crypton Fabric

Crypton is resistant to water, stain, and bacteria. It is a natural fabric without carcinogens or toxic chemicals. It has an enhanced weaving and barrier design.

Best Furniture Fabric For Kids - Crypton


  • It is a stain-resistant fabric.
  • It is a water-repellent fabric.
  • Crypton is among the few antimicrobial fabrics.
  • It is also fade-resistant.
  • It is easily cleanable.


  • Crypton fabric is quite expensive.

#5. Vinyl Fabric

Vinyl fabric is made of polyurethane which is modified into non-woven plastic. It is made to imitate leather. Vinyl fabric is well-known for its durability and non-staining nature. 

Best Furniture Fabric For Kids - Vinyl


  • Vinyl fabrics are always highly durable.
  • They are usually inflammable and do not fade quickly.
  • Vinyl fabric is resistant to stains.
  • You can clean it simply with a wet towel without needing any cleaning agents.
  • They are usually affordable.


  • They are prone to cracks.
  • They are not easy to maintain.

Answers To Common Questions About Furniture Fabrics

What is the easiest sofa fabric to clean?

Even though it is a tough competition, microfiber is undoubtedly the easiest sofa fabric to clean. It is quite easy to wash in a washing machine and withstands all types of cleaning agents. 

What is the most durable fabric for upholstery?

Leather is the most durable fabric you can find for upholstery. It has its issues with cracks, but other than that, it barely has any problems.

Best Furniture Fabric For Kids

What is the best fabric to buy for a sofa?

There’s just plenty of options available to choose for your sofa fabric, but Ultrasuede fabric can be considered the winner simply because it is easily washable, comfortable, and stain-resistant.

Is a leather or fabric couch better for kids?

Leather and fabric couches are perfectly fine for kids. While on the one hand, leather is a more durable option, fabrics like Ultrasuede, microfiber, or Crypton are more comfortable.

When You Have Kids & Pets At Home, Choose Furniture Fabrics Wisely!

Choosing the suitable furniture fabric for kids or pets is a tricky decision, but following this guide properly will help you a lot. 

I hope you liked the article; feel free to share it with anyone looking to buy new upholstery.