Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At Rooms To Go

Are you wondering whether you can negotiate furniture prices at Rooms To Go? The answer is yes! To know more, read this article.

Well, there is a universal rule, any discount is possible if you ask them and are reasonable enough. Can you negotiate furniture prices at Rooms To Go, you ask? Yes, you can. 

Just like any other furniture store, you can easily use some tricks and get a good deal over your favorite living room set. Remember, no retailer would let go of a customer and let them buy a similar product from the store down the lane. 

I know not everyone is good at bargaining, but with the tricks and tips you will explore as you proceed, anyone can get a good deal on furniture at Rooms To Go. 

We don’t buy furniture every day; it is a once in a few years shopping trips, so you might as well make sure you do not get scammed by Rooms To Go and end up paying far too much for something that you find at half price in a sale a few days out. I have used these tips, and they work every time. Let’s get started, shall we?

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#1 First step, Search Online 

With the internet and online websites available, you can cut the chase and look for your desired furniture items on the official website of Rooms To Go. If you spend a bit of time doing basic window shopping for a few months online, you can know the price range they offer for a certain piece of furniture and how low they can go in their sale section. 

You can also check other websites for the same item, compare prices if you want, and get all the necessary information about the product’s quality. When you walk into the store, no newbie salesperson can fool you with the wrong information. 

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At Rooms To Go

Rooms To Go have their own app now where you can shop online, but not many customers are happy with the app. I would suggest surfing the website would be more convenient.   

#2 Look for sales 

Furniture stores like Rooms To Go always have some or the other sale going on. You might not find the store’s sale section as soon as you walk in, but it is always up on their website. They tend to combine some of last season’s furniture and put a 30% discount on them if you buy both. 

Be aware of these sales and ask the salesperson to take you to that section and look for items you might like, or maybe they can add those in your order as a freebie. 

You have to be smart and ask for the right piece. For example, you cannot ask them to add a new mattress to your bed, but you can ask for cushions or a small stool maybe. 

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#3 Use coupons

Rooms To Go do accept coupons. There is a dedicated coupon app to find active coupons on Rooms To Go that you can use while shopping. Check out the app here.

#4 Carry cash in hand

When you go furniture shopping, always carry cash in hand and let them know that you have the cash right now; that way, they know that you are interested in purchasing now. 

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At Rooms To Go

If they know that you are looking for something and come equipped, they will not let a potential sale walkout. They cannot lose the sales for the day to some other stores just because they cannot give you a little discount.   

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#5 Compare and talk

Comparing always works in bargaining, whether it is a price comparison or a quality comparison between Rooms To Go and the other store you checked out. You tell them that you are just looking and make a decision after you compare. 

Then you leave the store and go to another store in the neighborhood (which will be their competitor) to check and compare prices. You come back and tell them that the other store is ready to make a sale at this discount, so how can they charge you extra.  

They will tell you that the furniture here is high quality but check for yourself if it is high quality or if you want to spend that much, and then proceed to ask for a decent rate.

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At Rooms To Go

#6 Ask for discounts

Many times, customers manage to get a 30-40% discount just by asking. It wouldn’t hurt to ask them; they will tell you if they have a running discount or are willing to negotiate the price if they find you interested. 

Ask them to add the cushions that you saw in the couch set; they count too! Ask if they charge extra for delivery, and how much would be the delivery charge to your house. 

Many outlets promise to give discounts, but they make up for the hefty delivery charge. Ask what their return policy is and what is their replacement policy if they break something while delivering. 

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#7 Bargain smart

This is a skill you will have to use carefully. Half of the time, just walking towards the exit can get you a discount. If you ask for a smaller discount, rather than a big one right away, it will let them know that you are interested and not here to look and bargain for fun. 

Final words

I hope this article answers whether you can negotiate furniture prices at Rooms To Go or not? Remember to do your research and get all the information ready to base your negotiation and convince them that you are a well-aware customer who will not pay extra.  

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At Rooms To Go

In the comment section below, let us know if you have any experience of negotiating with Rooms To Go staff; we would love to hear those. Also, share some other negotiating tips if you have. Share this article with your family and friends who are also looking forward to investing in furniture from Rooms To Go.