The 9 Best Joybird Alternatives: Better Quality And The Same Prices

Not happy with Joybird products? Looking for the best Joybird alternatives? We list the nine best options for you in this write-up.

Furniture is meant to enhance the beauty of your home while giving you comfort. It makes your life simple and gives, and when you return home after a long day, your furniture is what makes your home welcoming.

Furniture shopping online is a huge trend in the last few years, especially given the pandemic. Joybird was one of these online furniture brands which provide high-quality and durable furniture for every room of your home. 

The 9 Best Joybird Alternatives: Better Quality And The Same Prices

But all is not well with Joybird. Since 2017, many customers are reporting negative experiences after shopping for Joybird furniture. Reviewers say that Joybird takes a lot of time to deliver furniture, and the products have manufacturing defects. 

Well, if you have been an admirer of Joybird furniture and are planning to buy your next couch or armchair, you don’t have to worry! We will recommend some of the best Joybird alternatives where you can buy furniture for your home and enhance the beauty of your house.

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#1. Albany Park

The co-founder of Albany park is Darryl and Jessica Sharpton. In the year 2017, they want to purchase a sofa for the house. When they went to the sofa room, there were so many options which made them confused. Again, it takes more than four to six weeks to deliver to their home, which is quite tedious and frustrating.

So both decided to simplify the process of buying a sofa. The result is Albany park which is a reputed sofa brand and can offer you a luxurious sofa at your doorstep. They offer three models, i.e., Albany, Park, and Kova, which can satisfy every customer’s needs. 

The best thing about Albany Park is they deliver the modern luxurious sofas freely at the front of your door in a good package box. You can carry these boxes easily on the stairs, packed hall, or to any room of your house. This method is relatively fast and convenient. 

Best Joybird Alternatives - Albany PArk

This brand is changing the way people sofa for a modern shop for their home or office. They use fabrics that consist of 100 percent polyester, which makes the products last for a more extended period. 

They are pretty easy to clean and maintain at home. This brand is currently working with the manufacturers of China and Vietnam.

Shop Here: Albany Park

#2. All Form

All Form provides you modular sofas of excellent quality. Every sofa consists of laminate hardwood and has a pill and stain-resistant fabric. 

All Form uses skilled artisans who have so many years of experience. They also focus on the health of the environment. They use recycled materials as much as possible while manufacturing furniture.

Best Joybird Alternatives - All Form

All Form delivers furniture to your doorstep without taking any charge from you. You even get a lifetime warranty on All Form products.

Shop Here: All Form

#3. Burrow

Kabeer Chopra and Stephen Kuhl founded Burrow. They first launched a modular sofa in the year 2017 to solve the problems of the furniture Industry. 

In 2018, Burrow was christened one of the ten most innovative retail furniture brands in the world by Fast Company. They have their headquarters in New York.

Now they offer various sofas and carts, trays, wall shelves, and numerous others that can easily make your house organized and beautiful. The Burrow gives free delivery to the customers. So, it helps you save almost 100 dollars when you purchase a large item like a sofa. 

The 9 Best Joybird Alternatives: Better Quality And The Same Prices

You don’t have to wait too long for the delivery of furniture. They offer fast delivery on every single order.

The assembly of the Burrow furniture is relatively easy. It does not require any tool for assembling at the house. You can do it in a few minutes. 

These pieces of furniture are even easy to move from one place to another. So, if you want to shift house shortly, you will not have a problem taking Burrow furniture.

The artisans of Burrow use high-quality materials while making furniture, so they last longer. Some of their top-selling products are:

# Seating

Burrow is popular among people for modular seating because they have a customizable sofa, love seats, armchairs, ottoman, leather, and velvet seats. You can quickly transform the Nomad sofa of Burrow into a sleeper. You will also get a sleep kit along with the sofa for the guests who want to stay overnight at your house.

# Storage

Burrow has wall shelves, carts and trays, credenzas, and media storage. You can choose anyone according to your preferences. The index walls shelf system is modular and versatile, and the price starts from $325.You can use each of the shelves horizontally as well as vertically. You will find index wall shelving in oak, walnut, and white finish.

The credenzas of Burrow can be a storage space for you. You can keep a lot of things inside it. Again, you can keep a television on the top of credenzas, but it should be a maximum of 65 inches diagonally.

# Tables And Chairs

You will find a coffee table, side table, and chairs; the price starts from $295. They are available in both walnut and oak finish.

Shop Here: Burrow

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#4. Article

Article’s main aim is to produce stylish furniture that will last for a more extended period, offering a wide range of products starting from sofas to beds, dressers, and side tables. 

Best Joybird Alternatives - Article

This website understands that customers don’t want to wait too long for their new furniture to arrive. They try to deliver the furniture to your doorstep within two weeks.

Shop Here: Article

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#5. Floyd

The main aim of Floyd is to make furniture that is very easy to assemble, move, and ship at a fast rate to the door of customers. Their first project was a steel leg whose surface can be used to convert into a table. 

Now they sell a wide range of products starting from bed, sofa, table, and shelves. All their products last for a longer time and are pretty easy to assemble and disassemble.

Shop Here: Floyd

#6. Bundle

Bundle makes a comfortable sofa that adds a charm and modern look to your dwelling, and try to deliver the sofa to your doorstep within less time. 

Best Joybird Alternatives - Bundle

Again, you don’t require any tools to assemble and disassemble the sofa. The materials used in the sofa are stain and pill-resistant. So, they last longer.

Shop Here: Bundle Seating

#7. All Modern

All Modern understands that home d├ęcor should be available at an affordable rate. They should not be available at a very high price. They always try to ship products as fast as possible. You can get any product including a sofa from all Modern within two days. 

Best Joybird Alternatives - All Modern

The cost of a sofa starts here from $239 and goes beyond $4000.There are various options for a sofa. So choose them according to your space and style of the room. Apart from the sofa, you will also find furniture for your bedroom and bathroom. 

You will surely enhance the beauty of your house if you purchase the furniture from All Modern.

Shop Here: All Modern

#8. Sabai

Sabai aims to make beautiful design furniture at an affordable rate. They make only three products, i.e., the essential sectional, The essential sofa and the essential ottoman. 

Best Joybird Alternatives - Sabai

This website allows you to choose the leg, fabric, and cushion so that the product will be unique from others. The products of Sabai are pretty easy to assemble and disassemble.

Sabai uses fabrics that are friendly to the environment. The package box of Sabai is also recyclable, and they do not contain any plastic material that can harm the environment.

Shop Here: Sabai

#9. Campaign

Campaign crafts furniture in boxes, so it becomes easy for shipping, and the customers can get the ordered products within less time. This furniture is easy to assemble and disassemble. You don’t need any tool for it. 

Best Joybird Alternatives - Campaign

Campaign offers a sofa, love seat, chair, and pillows. You can choose according to your preferences.

Shop Here: Campaign

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Frequently Answered Questions

#1. Is Joybird related to Wayfair?

Wayfair is a furniture brand that competes with IKEA, Pottery Barn, and West Elm. Joybird is famous for selling furniture online. It also competes in the same field, but Wayfair has a much bigger collection and retail presence.

#2. Is Joybird furniture toxic?

No, they are not toxic. Joybird furniture consists of forested apple, cherry, and walnut. They even strive to use nontoxic material and finishes on water base, VOC stains, and glues.

The 9 Best Joybird Alternatives: Better Quality And The Same Prices

#3. Are Joybird sofas good quality?

Joybird produces furniture in their workshop. They were initially known for their excellent quality furniture at an affordable price. But since 2017, customers are complaining regarding manufacturing defects and longer delivery time.

#4. What is the TikTok couch called?

The Tiktok couch is called Caruso 3 piece fabric sleeper sectional. It’s a light grey sofa, and when you pull it, it turns into a sleeper that is best for guests or when you want a cozy feeling while watching your favorite TV shows.

If You Want Cheaper And Better Joybird Alternatives, Look No Further! 

Joybird has gotten a bad rap in the last few years as customers are unsatisfied with the delivery time and manufacturing of the furniture. 

The 9 Best Joybird Alternatives: Better Quality And The Same Prices

But if you are looking for Joybird alternatives, the nine brands listed above have furniture in similar price ranges and better quality. 

Happy Furniture!